• playoffs arrive!
    The regular season is a done deal and the playoffs are here! Pretty exciting, right? Well, if we didn’t have this shitshow QUADfecta of playoff teams, it would be. Let’s take a different approach and break it down why none of these teams need to win it all. Ok, ok, maybe one of these teams … Read more
    Week 12 has arrived and we are down to just 2 weeks to go in the regular season. Two “clinches” happened this past week. As for this weeks clinching scenarios, we have quite a few. Numerous team are at both ends of the board. Let’s take a look. TEAMS THAT HAVE CLINCHED Joe Buck Yourself … Read more
    We’re down to 3 weeks left in the regular season. It’s time to put up or shut up. We’ve got our first team locked in after a win last week and somehow no one is officially eliminated yet. TEAMS THAT HAVE CLINCHED Joe Buck Yourself (9-1) already CLINCHED A PLAYOFF SPOT! CAN CLINCH THE REGULAR … Read more
    We are down to 4 weeks left in the regular season. Last week, Joe Buck Yourself had a chance to clinch his playoff spot very early. However, The Pimps stepped up and gave JBY his first loss. So, for the 2nd straight week they will have that chance at locking in a postseason spot. The … Read more
  • Paths to the Playoffs – Week 9 EDITION
    It’s that time of the year and our “PATHS TO THE PLAYOFFS” article will now be a weekly installment for the remainder of the regular season. In the coming weeks, teams will be trying to clinch playoffs spots, while others will be trying to avoid elimination. With the help of our supercomputer, we have crunched … Read more
  • Playoff Hopes – Early Look
    We’ve got 7 weeks in the books and 6 to go. Everyone is feeling the pressure to pile on the wins to secure their playoff spots. The postseason usually requires 7-8 wins to qualify. This season is certainly looking like an 8-win minimum to reach the top 4. So, key in on that number if … Read more
  • The Midsies
    Ladies and gentlemen, football fanatics, and fantasy aficionados, it’s time to gather ’round for a gridiron gala like no other – “The Midsies”. Crunchtime’s midseason awards. Today, we’re here to shine a spotlight on the gridiron gladiators who have electrified the first half of the season with their incredible performances and game-changing statistics. Get ready … Read more
  • Week 5 Matchups -Mildly Aggressive Version
    As we aim for unbiased opinions and fair commentary, sometimes we fail. This matchup preview edition is clearly one of them. Apologies for those offended. ONTO THE GAMES… Game of the week
  • Midseason Meetup
    Season going as planned? Perhaps not. Either way, it’s that time of year, so come out and vent your frustrations or gloat it up at our Midseason Meetup. Drop in any time for the early games to cheer your team, root against the Dolphins, and join the festivities. RSVP Please text The Commish or post … Read more
  • Week 4 matchups – redemption
    Well, Week 3 was here and the Dolphins went absolutely ape shit on the Denver Broncos. I dropped in on Ben, Miami, and McE’s little Skype meeting during the game and this is what I saw: Pretty disturbing, yet not surprising. Talk about a game that just wouldn’t end! As for Week 3’s picks, I’ll … Read more
  • You’s my bitch
    No matter how unpredictable fantasy football can be, there’s an uncanny pattern where certain teams have the upper hand when facing others. We’ve shared our laughs and friendly banter about it, turning those matchups into hilarious or frustrating affairs, depending on where you fall on it. Maybe it’s luck, strategy, or just a strange twist … Read more
  • Week 3 Matchups, Lightly Salted
    Yes, that’s right. You’ve reached the lightly salted version of our Week 3 matchups. There will be no ill will or backhanded comments to any teams here. Well, except to The Pimps. They’re like that bratty little red head kid with the pitchy voice. You just want to…. As we enter Week 3, many are … Read more
  • Week 2 Postgame report
  • Week 2 matchups
    Week 1 has come and gone. Five teams won, five teams lost. I’m not sure which loss hurt more. The Irish Pride could have beaten 6 teams last week, with their 95 points scored. Unfortunately, they met the highest scoring team of the week (The Pimps). Or did the Jesters nightmare on Sunday night cause … Read more
  • Week 1 Postgame report
  • Week 1 matchups
    The Draft is over and the season is about to begin. Week 1 is where we all have the high hopes of hoisting that trophy at the end of the season. A loss here could be felt as just a small setback for some or as a catastrophic disaster with it all being over for … Read more
  • 2023 Fantasy Football Draft
    After much anticipation the draft has arrived. The Sons of Anarchy drew the #1 pick, but they didn’t seem all too happy about it. However, they used that position to start stockpiling Chief players, beginning with Patrick Mahomes at the #1 spot. That trend continued through the day as they ended up with 5 of … Read more
    With just a few days to go, here is the full scoop for Draft Day. WHen & WHere: Sunday, September 3rd at Noon at the Dawg House. Payment: $50 for the league and $20 for Survivor Pool. If you are drafting from home, please sent payment ASAP. If you are coming to the draft, please … Read more
  • 2023 Keeper List
    Take a look. Here are the Keeper choices for the upcoming year. Best of luck.
  • Fantasy Football 2023 preseason
    Welcome back to the Crunchtime Fantasy Football League’s 24th season! It’s time to dust off those crystal balls and unleash the gridiron gods once more. As we gather to embark on this rollercoaster of pigskin prowess, let us remember the dramatic highs and despairing lows of the 23rd season. Congrats to the Midway Monsters, who … Read more
  • Crunchtime Survivor IS Back!
    What is a survivor pool? Also known as an Eliminator or Knockout Pool, our Survivor Pool is the ultimate “Win or Go Home” challenge.  Each week, players just have to pick one NFL team to win their game. Once you choose a team, you cannot use them again this year. Guess correctly and move on.  … Read more
  • Welcome back
    This article generated by openai
    Yes, the Midway Monsters won again. Blah Blah Blah. That’s back to back championships for the Monsters and it also ties them with Sons of Anarchy and Top Dawgs for the second most championships (3). The Scallywags (aka Bashers) still have the most (4). Thankfully they’ve been quiet for a few years. With that said. … Read more
  • Final Week of the Regular Season!
    Week 13 is here and so is that final push for the playoffs. The Swashbuckling Scallywags are currently atop the standings and are the only team who has locked a playoff spot. Five other teams are fighting for the other three spots. Here’s what we know: Four teams below the Scallywags have one less win … Read more
  • Playoff Push
    With 10 weeks in the books, we’ve got just 3 regular season games to go. The standings have fluctuated and 7 out of 10 teams still have playoff hopes. The Pimps, Irish Pride, and Laces Out have had a rough season and will be relegated to playoff spoilers from here on out. Let’s have a … Read more
  • Week 6 Honors / Season Honors
    Check back each week for honors and shame in the league! VIEW LEAGUE STANDINGS WEEK 6 HONORS SEASONS HONORS
  • Week 5 Honors / Season Honors
    Check back each week for honors and shame in the league! VIEW LEAGUE STANDINGS WEEK 5 HONORS SEASONS HONORS
  • Week 4 Honors / Season Honors
    Check back each week for honors/shame/tidbits in the league! VIEW LEAGUE STANDINGS WEEK 4 HONORS SEASONS HONORS
  • Week 3 Honors / Season Honors
    Check back each week for honors/shame/tidbits in the league! VIEW WEEK 4 RESULTS ON ESPN WEEK 3 HONORS SEASONS HONORS
  • Survivor Week 2 Recap
    What a rough start! We entered the season with 55 players and after just two weeks 13 players are already eliminated. There used to be a rule in survivor pools. Never pick the Browns! Apparently, a number of people tested that old rule….and look where it got them. Gone in 2 weeks! Put it on … Read more
  • Week 2 & Seasons Honors
    Check back weekly for tidbits and honors for what’s happening in the league.VIEW LEAGUE STANDINGS
  • 2022 Crunchtime Fantasy Football Draft
  • 2022 Draft Order Reveal
    We’re throwing a curveball here, ladies. Steve Rannazzisi is stopping by to set the draft order. For those of you who watched “The League”, you’ll be very familiar with Steve. He played Kevin, the commish. It’s on Hulu now! Drawn at random. Good luck all!
  • 2022 Keeper List
    Did you plant a few seeds last season in hopes for a crop of potential fantasy keepers? Or did you just kick dirt and return this season to tumbleweeds blowing by? Either way, it’s a new year. Anything can happen. A championship could be around the corner. Though, this list could help. Click here for … Read more
  • Midway Monsters Are Champs
    They’ve done it. The Midway Monsters pull off the comeback and take the 2021 League Championship! The Jesters put up an impressive first half of this matchup. Tee Higgins (CIN-WR) led the way with 32.4 points and six other players scored double digits giving them a true team effort. At the half, the Jesters had … Read more
  • 2021 Championship Game
    Here we are! The Jesters face the Midway Monsters in the 2021 Championship Game. The Jesters, who are just 2 years removed from their 1st League Championship, are the surprising team here. They started the season off in a hole. Through the first six weeks, they had a 1-5 record and looked dead in the … Read more
  • Corey S Wins Survivor!
    After 15 weeks, we have a winner. Corey takes the 2021 Survivor Title with a perfect season! “Roadkill” and “Pitter” gave him a run for his money, but both picked the Arizona Cardinals in Week 15. The Cardinals were massively upset by the 1 win Detroit Lions by a score of 12-30. Roadkill and Pitter … Read more
  • 2021 Fantasy Football Draft
    The Top Dawgs picked #1 for their first time in franchise history. Christian McCaffrey was selected with that top pick, followed by Alvin Kamara to the Midway Monsters. See the full draft below.
  • 2021 Keeper List
    Here are you potential keepers for the 2021 Fantasy Football season.
  • Draft Promo Now Airing
    Maybe you’ve caught this, or maybe not. It’s airing on national sports radio stations. CRAZY!!
  • Survivor Perfection
    This year’s Survivor Pool went the distance. Ten players entered Week 17 still alive, however only two of them were a perfect 16-0. So, when both players managed to pick winning teams in Week 17, this gave just them the 1st and 2nd place prize pools to share. It’s not very often when this many … Read more
  • Darque Warriors win it all!
    Right out of the gates, the Darque Warriors lit it up. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson combined for 34 points in their game against the Saints. Many others chipped in, but Ryan Tannehill was the star of the show. He would throw for 273 yards and account for 5 TDs in just the first week. … Read more
  • Darque Warriors face Dawgs in Championship Game
    The dust has settled and our final two teams have been revealed. The Darque Warriors will meet America’s Team (the Top Dawgs) in our 2020 Championship Game. These teams are very familiar with each other as they have already faced off twice this season. The Dawgs took the first game 126-102, while Darque won the … Read more
  • Gamblers are against the ropes
    The Darque Warrriors and GB Gamblers are in a heated battle to see who will advance to the 2020 Championship Game. They entered the 2nd half of this matchup nearly deadlocked at 112 points. With all of this Sunday’s games in the books, the GB Gamblers now have a mere 7 point lead. The Warriors … Read more
  • 2020 Playoffs Arrive
    Without one cancelled game….we made it. The 2020 Crunchtime Playoffs begin now! The #1 seeded GB Gamblers face off for the next 2 weeks against a determined Darque Warriors team. It’s no secret the Gamblers lean on Patrick Mahomes and their high scoring offense. However, the Warriors have shown that they can light up the … Read more
  • UNOFFICIAL – GB Gamblers Take Regular Season Title
    At the time of this posting it is unofficial. However, it appears that the GB Gamblers have edged their way into the top spot at the very last minute. Their nail-biter win over the Jesters and the Irish Pride’s Week 12 loss gives the Gamblers another Regular Season Title and the #1 seed for the … Read more
  • Top Scoring Weeks of 2020
    With the 2020 regular season is now in the books, we can look at one of our payout categories….the Top 5 scores of the regular season. Below is a list of the top 20 highest scores. Also, for $hits and giggles are the bottom 20 scores achieved this year. It appears the we had our … Read more
  • Playoff Teams Confirmed
    While playoff seeds are still to be determined by the Steelers/Ravens game, we do know the 4 teams that will be making it to the playoffs. The Irish Pride, GB Gamblers, Top Dawgs, and Darque Warriors are in. Now all we have to do is wait for this odd Wednesday game to lock in where … Read more
  • Last Call
    This is it! The last week of the Fantasy Football regular season is upon us. The Irish Pride’s win in Week 11 clinched themselves a playoff berth. The Top Dawgs and GB Gamblers also won, but haven’t officially clinched their postseason dreams. However, the teams below them would need scoring bananzas to overtake them in … Read more
  • Playoff Push, Week 11 Edition
    With 10 weeks of fantasy football in the books, we have just 2 weeks of the regular season to go. Though the Swashbuckling Scallywags won this past week, their playoff chances have vanished. Due to the GB Gamblers and Darque Warriors winning this past week, the minumum amount of wins now needed to make the … Read more
  • Best and Worst Seasons Ever?
    We have two teams on pace to set quite historic regular season records. The Irish pride are currently holding a 7-1 record, which is a 87.5 win percentage. This is currently better than the Top Dawgs 2002 winning percentage of 85.7% (12-2 record). That was back when we had 14 regular season games. For the … Read more
  • How ESPN is handling postponed games
    Check out this recent article on ESPN on how they are handling games and player statuses. Number 4 on the list is the latest update on when a player can be thrown into an IR spot for the week (besides if a player is specifically on the COVID list). This now gives us the ability … Read more
  • Our closest game….EVER! UPDATE: NOW A TIE!!
    UPDATE: DUE TO MULTIPLE STAT CORRECTIONS FOR JOSH ALLEN, THIS GAME IS A TIE!! Oh what a game. The Scallywags do the Monsters dirty and win by a mere 0.02 points on Monday Night. That’s less than 1 yard! Congrats to the Scallywags on advancing to 2-0, but oh those poor Midway Monsters drop to … Read more
  • Fanduel Friends – Weekly Side Games
    It’s Back! For those who didn’t partake in last year’s Fanduel Friends competitions, jump in!! Throughout the NFL season we will be creating weekly competitions. Have a crappy week? Start completely fresh in the next competition. Join a week here and there, or play every week. Games are just a few bucks to play. This … Read more
  • Fanduel Sportsbook Is LIVE
    Well, it’s official. Fanduel Sportsbook is legal in IL this year. About damn time! For those who don’t have a fanduel account yet, and are planning on signing up, use the above link for a $50 signup bonus Good luck and bet wisely!
  • 2020 Fantasy Football Draft
    First online draft in 20+ years. Congrats to the Irish Pride for grabbing that #1 pick in the draft. Here are the Keepers: Patrick Mahomes, GB Gamblers – Lamar Jackson, Misfits – Desean Watson, SOA – DK Metcalf, Top Dawgs – Derrick Henry, Scallywags – Chris Carson, Darque Warriors – George Kittle, Irish Pride – … Read more
  • 2020 Fantasy Football Draft INFO
    I’ve been on the fence about our Fantasy Draft. While we have been cautious with everything that we’ve done in the past few months, I do want things to get back to normal. We could get around the COVID worries by drafting outside and doing the whole distancing thing. However, I have a PILE of … Read more
  • 2020 Fantasy COVID Rule Proposals
    Welcome back everyone. I hope all is well in this crazy new world. This football season is more than likely going to be a bumpy one. Games may be cancelled, players will come down with COVID, and the season could possibly be shortened. With these possibilities, we need to add some new rules/guidelines to help … Read more
  • 2020 Keeper List
    Choose Wisely! [table id=22 /]
  • 2020 Survivor Pool Signups
    Welcome back for the 2020 NFL Season. Our long time running Survivor Pool is returning and we look forward to having another competitive season. We will be hosting our pool on Yahoo for the 2nd straight year, so signups should be simple. The whole Covid-19 situation may require a tweak in the rules (possible game … Read more
  • New Look
    Just in case our old shield offended someone, we have a new leaugue shield. Better safe than sorry in this new sensitive era. 🙂
  • Jesters Crowned
    The Jesters have done it! They take home their 1st Fantasy Football Championship. First, the Jesters took out the Misfits in the 1st round of the playoffs, while Sons Of Anarchy took down the #1 seeded GB Gamblers. Then the Jesters took a sizeable lead in the first half of the Championship Game. It proved … Read more
  • The Draft is in!
    Our 2019 Draft has now come and gone. The Midway Monsters rushed their way to the #1 pick, while Sons of Anarchy brought in the rear to take the 10th spot. ..and the first round went like this: Midway Monsters – Saquon Barkley GB Gamblers – Christian McCaffrey The Pimps – Alvin Kamara Misfits – … Read more
  • 2019 Draft Day Handbook
  • 2019 Fantasy Football Draft
  • Why 2019 could be year of the Anarchy
    Must read, major insight.
  • 2019 Fantasy Football
    Welcome to a major milestone everyone. This year we will be kicking off the 20th season of Crunchtime Fantasy Football. Yeah, 20 years! Throughout the season, we will be posting some milestones, records, tidbits of our storied past. Stay tuned for this. New For 2019 We have one very notable change in the league. Hosting. … Read more
  • Survivor Pool returns
    New year, new look. Yahoo has gained hosting rights for our 2019 Survivor Pool. Although it will not be directly hosted on this site, you can always find a link to the pool by going to our homepage. Signups There are two ways to sign up for survivor. 1) Go to this link: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup/commish will … Read more
  • Fanduel Competitions
    Coming soon! We will be dipping into the waters of Daily Fantasy Sports this season. Specifically Fanduel’s Friends Mode. Throughout the NFL season we will be creating weekly competitions. Have a crappy week? Start completely fresh in the next competition. This is completely separate from our traditional fantasy league and will act as an optional … Read more
  • 2019 Keeper List has arrived!
    In order of last year’s standings, here is your list: Midway MonstersDevontae Adams, 3rd Round – Tom Brady, 4th Round – Isah Crowell, 5th Round – Phillip Rivers, 8th Round IcEbAy bAsHeRs Jarvis Landry, 3rd Round – Jimmy Graham Cracker, 4th Round – Jaguars Defense, 5th Round – Adam Thielen, 5th Round – Ben Roethlisberger, … Read more
  • 2018 Crunchtime Fantasy Football Draft
  • 2017 Fantasy Football Draft
  • 2016 Fantasy Football Draft
  • 2015 Fantasy Football Draft
  • 2014 Survivor Winners
    We have 3 survivors this season.  Corey, McE, and ShannonS all last to the end and will share the 1st and 2nd place prizes. Corey looked unstoppable this season.  He rattled off 15 straight wins.  However, he tripped up in Week 16 and opened the door for McE and Shannon to have a chance at that 1st … Read more
  • Eagles, Panthers win 33
    Week 17 is in the books.  No team scored exactly 33 points this week, so the final payout goes to the team(s) that scored the closest.  The Eagles and Panthers both scored 34 and that is as close as it gets.  Crevie and Corey share the final win.  Thanks for playing, everyone.
  • 2014 Fantasy Champs
    Crown em! Sons of Anarchy are our 2014 fantasy league champions.  They took down the Darque Warriors with a score of 171-137 in the championship game.  This marks the third championship for SOA, with their last one being just 2 years ago.  Key free agent pickup, Odell Beckham takes home the Championship Game MVP as he … Read more
  • Championship Game – Darque VS SOA
    The first round of our championship bracket is now in the books.  Our #3 seeded Darque Warriors comfortably took out the #2 Misfits with a score of  176-130.  Le’Veon Bell was impressive, to say the least.  He led the way with a combined 50.45 points during this 2-week span.  Andrew Luck also was a driving force by … Read more
  • Fantasy Playoffs are here!
    Sons of Anarchy leapfrogged their way all the way to the top spot to finish out the regular season.  This gives them their their 2nd ever Divisional Title (2011).  They will face the #4 seed GB Gamblers in the first round, which lasts from Week 13 to Week 14.   The other matchup features the … Read more
  • Survivor Week 10 Update
    Pittsburgh and Cincinnati knock out 3 more players in our Survivor Pool this week.  This brings our number of players remaining to 15.  Six of those players are still perfect. Players who have used all of the powerhouse teams are really going to start feeling the pressure now.  It’s just not going to get any … Read more
  • Fantasy Playoff Picture
    With 9 weeks in the books, we have just 3 weeks remaining in our fantasy league’s regular season.  The playoffs are close and only one team is officially eliminated.  The Misfits are atop the leaderboard.  Will they hang on to take the regular season title in their inaugural year??  Let’s take a look at the statistics. [list icon=”undefined” icon_bg=”square” … Read more
  • Seattle, Cleveland, Chicago disappoint in Week 7 Survivor
    Survivor players who chose the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks were surely disappointed this week.  The St. Louis Rams topped the Hawks  with a score of 28-26 in a game full of trickery. [button color=”blue2″ link=”http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2014101907/2014/REG7/seahawks@rams#tab=recap&menu=gameinfo” font=”0″ font_weight=”bold” radius=”5″ outer_border=”true” outer_border_color=”#000000″ icon=”momizat-icon-file3″]NFL.com Game Recap[/button] The Browns and Bears also gave a few players their first and … Read more
  • Fantasy Football Midseason Report – Part 2
    Continued from Part 1, here’s our take on the next six teams.  Darque Warriors (3-3) 473.54 Points The Darque Warriors are riding quite the roller coaster to start the season.  Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss.  The concerning part is that the last two weeks, they are averaging just 58.15 points.  This is down from … Read more
  • Fantasy Football Midseason Report
    2014 Midseason Report (Top 4) Our fantasy league’s regular season is at the halfway point.  There’s been quite the action.  Our reigning champions, the Top Dawgs, are still searching for their first win.  So needless to say, all hopes of a repeat are out the window, down the road, and in the drain.  As for … Read more
  • Tie Game = Survivor Loss
    A rare occurance happened this week.  …the dreaded tie.  Survivor is all about picking a winner, and as per the rules, a tie is a loss. [button color=”orange” link=”http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2014101202/2014/REG6/panthers@bengals#tab=recap&menu=gameinfo” font=”0″ radius=”5″ outer_border=”true” outer_border_color=”#000000″ icon=”momizat-icon-newspaper”]NFL.com Game Recap[/button]   Three people were eliminated  this week with their Bengals pick (tied Panthers 37-37).  Another 2 received their first incorrect pick … Read more
  • Lions disappoint Survivor players
    This far, the Lions are the only team to fail our Survivor players in Week 5.  Four people chose Detroit, and with this loss, two of them are now eliminated.   As for the other two, they need to step it up. [button color=”green” link=”http://crunchtimefantasy.com/?page_id=24″ font=”0″ radius=”5″ outer_border=”true” outer_border_color=”#000000″ icon=”momizat-icon-redo”]Survivor Pool[/button]
  • Survivor Update
    We’re now 4 weeks into our Survivor Pool.  Out of the 51 players that entered, here are the stats: [button width=”full” color=”green” align=”center” font=”0″ font_weight=”bold” radius=”5″  icon=”momizat-icon-smiley”]23 Perfect[/button][button width=”full” color=”yellow” align=”center” font=”0″ font_weight=”bold” radius=”5″ icon=”momizat-icon-neutral”]15 with one miss[/button][button width=”full” color=”red” align=”center” font=”0″ font_weight=”bold” radius=”5″ icon=”momizat-icon-sad”]13 Eliminated[/button] Nearly half the pool is still perfect, but all … Read more
  • Bengals Nail 33 in Week 3
    We’re off to a fast pace here.  Week 3 delivered our second 33 of the season with the Bengals topping the Titans 33-7.  DickM takes the prize and the pot will reset to $33 next week. [button link=”http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2014092101/2014/REG3/titans@bengals#tab=recap&menu=gameinfo” font=”0″ icon=”momizat-icon-file”]Game Recap[/button]
  • Dolphins hit 33
    The Miami Dolphins hit that magic number of 33 today.  Providing that the Monday night games don’t yield another, Rico will take home our first prize of the year. [iconbox title=”Game Recap” title_align=”left” content_align=”left” align=”left” type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-file3″ icon_align_to=”box” size=”32″ icon_bg=”circle” icon_bg_color=”#000000″ icon_bg_hover=”#666666″ icon_bd_color=”#a36025″ icon_animation=”pulse” title_link=”http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2014090705/2014/REG1/patriots@dolphins#tab=recap&menu=gameinfo”]Patriots at Dolphins Recap[/iconbox]
  • 2014 Fantasy Football Draft
  • Let the games begin!
    Here we go.  Week 1 is finally upon us. All pool signups are now closed and player numbers are being tallied.  Good luck to all those competing.
  • Sign ups end soon
    Signups for our Survivor Pool and Season-long Pickem Pool are open until the end of this week.  This is your last chance to take part in the 2014 action, so register today.  If you need the invitation code, contact us. For those who have already signed up, pick deadlines for the week are Sunday at … Read more
  • 2014 Draft Report
    Now that the draft is in the books, let’s take a quick look at how it all panned out.  Here’s a quick breakdown for each team.   [tabs style=”h1″ ] [tab title=”Midway Monsters” ] Overview: In a competitive league, almost every team has a weakness. It’s almost impossible to build a team that is strong … Read more
  • Misfits Enter League
    The DRailers have folded and the Misfits quickly fill the void.   JimM takes ownership of the new franchise with high hopes.   However, the rest of the league looks to give the rookie a welcome of tough losses and miserable failures.   Good luck Misfits!
  • 2014 Signups Are OPEN!
    Welcome to the 2014 NFL Season.  All of our usual pools are returning and signups are open.  Take a look at our offerings.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.     [divide icon=”square” icon_position=”left”]   Pickem Pool One time entry fee.  Enter your picks online and compete to see who is the Season … Read more
  • 2014 Fantasy Football Keeper List
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is…the official Keeper List for our 2014 Fantasy Football Season.  There’s a few gems in there.  Draft Day is Sunday, August 31st.  See you there!!             [iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AuqPnb9vpcEmdFBrQlJMbUtVQlFvUV8wU05qZWw1TkE&single=true&gid=0&range=A1%3AI47&output=html&widget=true” width=”100%” height=”1320″]
  • 33 Hits in Week 17
    In Week 17, with under 1:00 to go, the Packers hit the magic number.  This score pushed the Packers into the playoffs and gives Jose S the final payout of this year’s 33 Pool.
  • Pickem Co-Champs
    Eric B and Heenen tie with 170.5 picks correct (66.9%) and will share the 2013 Pickem Title.  Congratulations and we will see you all next season!
  • Top Dawgs Win Championship!
    Crown em!  The Top Dawgs take the 2013 CrunchTime Championship Game. The Dawgs take out The Pimps with a final score of 184.63 -158.83.  This was a back and forth 2-week battle that featured fantasy football’s top 2 QBs, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.  Manning proved to be the driving force for The Pimps, while … Read more