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The dust has settled and our final two teams have been revealed. The Darque Warriors will meet America’s Team (the Top Dawgs) in our 2020 Championship Game.

These teams are very familiar with each other as they have already faced off twice this season. The Dawgs took the first game 126-102, while Darque won the second meeting 73-71. Also, this marks the 2nd time that they have faced off in the Big Game. Darque knocked off the Dawgs 144.70-136.30 back in 2010 to win their first and only League Championship.

Both owners are clearly showing allegiance to the their favorite NFL teams (Cooks and Diggs on Darque and Aiyuk, Mostert/Jeff Wilson on the Dawgs). Will these be the difference makers that determines our champion? Or will it by Chris Carson and Ryan Tannehill leading the Warriors? The Russell Wilson/DK Metcalf stack for the Dawgs will be tested as they have tough matchups both weeks (playing against Redskins and Rams, where Russell Wilson scored under 10 fantasy points against the Rams earlier this season).

Buckle up!!

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