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Sons of Anarchy leapfrogged their way all the way to the top spot to finish out the regular season.  This gives them their their 2nd ever Divisional Title (2011).  They will face the #4 seed GB Gamblers in the first round, which lasts from Week 13 to Week 14.   The other matchup features the #2 Misfits versus the #3 Darque Warriors.  Best of luck!

The Pimps and Irish Pride finished fifth and sixth respectively.  This give them the opportunity to play in the “Insignificant Invitational”.  This meaningless matchup is simply for pride.

Finally, let’s talk Toilet Bowl.  These 4 schmucks are stuck at the bottom.  Jesters, Top Dawgs, Midway Monsters, and Icebay Bashers all had issues. One loser will hold the shameful title of Toilet Bowl Chump for the year.  Win one game and this humiliation.

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