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Welcome back to the Crunchtime Fantasy Football League’s 24th season! It’s time to dust off those crystal balls and unleash the gridiron gods once more. As we gather to embark on this rollercoaster of pigskin prowess, let us remember the dramatic highs and despairing lows of the 23rd season. Congrats to the Midway Monsters, who ascended the mountaintop of gridiron glory and seized the championship like a boss. And hey, let’s not forget The Pimps, who artfully demonstrated the art of…struggling. Bless their hearts, they made sucking look like a work of art. So, fellow fantasy warriors, buckle up those chinstraps, pour a barrel of coffee, and get ready for another season of camaraderie, rivalry, and football frenzy! Game on! 🏈🏆

open spot

First and foremost. Our new team from last year, Laces Out has moved on. We still need to fill that spot so give me a list of candidates and we will go from there.

The Draft

We are planning on returning to a live, in-person draft this year. Please let us know if you are able to make it.

Last season, Steve Rannazzisi epically drew our draft order. Although he has hounded me to pull the cards again and screw Ben over one more time, we will more than likely pull our own envelopes. However, that does not mean there wont be a surprise somewhere.

Sunday, september 3rd


Keeper list has been posted.

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