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  • Draft Date: Sunday, September 6th
  • Regular Season Begins: Thursday, September 10th

I’ve been on the fence about our Fantasy Draft. While we have been cautious with everything that we’ve done in the past few months, I do want things to get back to normal. We could get around the COVID worries by drafting outside and doing the whole distancing thing.

However, I have a PILE of work in my garage that needs to get taken care of. Contractor issues have pushed back a few projects. I’m hoping that they are all taken care of by the end of this month. One is actually scheduled the Friday before Labor Day. But, rather than hope this all get done before then and rushing to clear it all out for this, I’m opting for the safe, less stressful route. Online drafting.


Unless someone else has a better plan, we will be drafting online this year. Clickydraft offers a pretty smooth online draft. Yes, ESPN has one, but this lets us have more control in case of problems. We can also hook up via Zoom/Skype/Meet.

More details will be available soon. The Keeper List has been posted and the 2020 league on ESPN has been activated.

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