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This is it! The last week of the Fantasy Football regular season is upon us. The Irish Pride’s win in Week 11 clinched themselves a playoff berth. The Top Dawgs and GB Gamblers also won, but haven’t officially clinched their postseason dreams. However, the teams below them would need scoring bananzas to overtake them in tiebreaker points. So, that would make the 4th spot virutually the only one up for grabs.

The Darque Warriors currently sit in 4th, however the The Pimps and Sons Of Anarchy both have chances of taking that 4th seed if the Warriors lose this week.

Here’s the current projections and chances to make it to the postseason.

Week 12 bits:

  • The Irish Pride can take the Regular Season Title with a win over The Pimps. If the Irish lose, both the Dawgs and Gamblers would have a chance to claim that coveted title.
  • A win for the Darque Warriors will confirm their playoff spot and also send the Misfits home with a 0-12 record. This would be the first time in our 21 year history that a team went winless.
  • Sons of Anarchy need a win and the Warriors and Pimps to lose to sneek in. The Pimps just need to win and the Warriors to lose.

Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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