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Welcome back everyone. I hope all is well in this crazy new world.

This football season is more than likely going to be a bumpy one. Games may be cancelled, players will come down with COVID, and the season could possibly be shortened. With these possibilities, we need to add some new rules/guidelines to help out. Below are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Adding IR spots during the regular season, solely for the use of players on the COVID list.
  • Requiring the season be at least 6 weeks long to be considered complete. If the fantasy season were less than 6 weeks, money would be refunded.
  • If the season were suspended after Week 6, and they resumed with only 1-4 weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, those last few regular season games would be fantasy playoffs. If they resume games with less than 4 weeks in the regular season, our fantasy playoffs would need to be altered. We could have the top 4 teams all face each other for those remaining 1-3 weeks.
  • If the NFL season were suspended after Week 6, and they did not resume until the NFL playoffs begin, there would be no possibility for our Fantasy playoffs. We would then split the top prizes with the “Wins leader” and “Points leader.”

These are just initial proposals. Please express your thoughts on them and any other situations that you think might come up so that we can be ready for this 2020 season.

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