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We have 3 survivors this season.  Corey, McE, and ShannonS all last to the end and will share the 1st and 2nd place prizes.

Corey looked unstoppable this season.  He rattled off 15 straight wins.  However, he tripped up in Week 16 and opened the door for McE and Shannon to have a chance at that 1st place prize.  So close to a perfect season.  At the other end of the spectrum, McE’s 2014 season looked to be a short one.  His first miss happened all the way back in Week 2.  However, he hung in there and recorded 15 straight wins to finish off the season.


  • Most picked team:  Chargers, used 35 times (25 of them being in Week 4)
  • Teams never used:  Jaguars, Giants, Raiders
  • Disappoined most players:  Seahawks (caused 13 losses)
  • Never lost when picked:  Chargers (35), Eagles (34), Packers (26), Colts (16), Ravens (13), Dolphins (11), Texans (6), Vikings (1), Jets (1), Titans (1)

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