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Season going as planned? Perhaps not. Either way, it’s that time of year, so come out and vent your frustrations or gloat it up at our Midseason Meetup. Drop in any time for the early games to cheer your team, root against the Dolphins, and join the festivities.

what – where – when

  • Full slate of NFL action courtesy of YouTubeTV
  • In the Executive Suite @ The Dawg Palace
  • Sunday, October 8th from 11:30am – 3:30pm

Food – Beverages

  • Pizza or Chicken – To Be Determined
  • Bring your beverages of choice. Some will be available, but limited.

Side event

On top of the gameday action, we are hosting a Golden Tee Event. A significant award will be handed out for this side game.

OPTIONAL: If you want your stats saved or greatest shots video highlights assigned to your name (they replay on this machine as a screensaver), you can download the Golden Tee Caddy app and create a CARDLESS ID. This makes for an easy login at any location with a Golden Tee machine.


Please text The Commish or post in the ESPN App if you are able to attend.

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