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With just a few days to go, here is the full scoop for Draft Day.

WHen & WHere:

Sunday, September 3rd at Noon at the Dawg House.


With the high heat in the forecast, we are going to change plans. The garage will probably be a little miserable, so we will be moving it indoors here. If anyone wants to draft from home, that works too. We will already be using an online draft room, since Rich is unable to make it. Please let me know ASAP where you will be drafting, so I can plan the indoor setup.


$50 for the league and $20 for Survivor Pool. If you are drafting from home, please sent payment ASAP. If you are coming to the draft, please bring payment. PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Check.


We are using ClickyDraft for the online portion of the draft. If you are drafting from home, please claim your team on ClickyDraft ASAP using the link below. If you are coming to the draft in person, you don’t have to do this. You can, but it is not necessary.


Also, for those drafting at home, we will send out a Skype invitation before the draft to join in on trash talking The Pimps horrible team. Downloading the Skype App is optional. It works in a browser as well.


Draft order will be drawn from envelopes on the day of the draft. Once draft order is revealed, Keepers will be announced by each team. Draft will immediately follow.


Remember. If you draft a player who is out to start the season (IR, PUP LIST, SUSPENDED, ETC), you CANNOT place them on IR. We added the 2 IR spots recently to help unforeseen circumstances during the season, not to use the system to draft and stash a keeper at a crazy value. The IR spot is only available for players who have played in a game. Failure to follow this results in loss of keeper status for that player.

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