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The regular season is a done deal and the playoffs are here! Pretty exciting, right? Well, if we didn’t have this shitshow QUADfecta of playoff teams, it would be. Let’s take a different approach and break it down why none of these teams need to win it all.

  • MIDWAY MONSTERS – The most spoiled team these past few seasons. They are our back to back champions and are looking to become the first 3-peat. Who wants that????? Also, another championship would give them 4 total, which would tie them with the Scallywags for most in the league. Barf.

  • THE PIMPS – We at league headquarters are nauseous just seeing this team make it. The dude finally got over his love affair with Tony Romo and has moved onto his latest crush, yet another Cowboy, Dak Prescott. Double barf. We all should be safe though. Last time The Pimps won anything, George Bush just won presidency.

  • IRISH PRIDE – The team that stole the Top Dawgs playoff spot. Who’s gonna root for that guy?? Dirty move, Irish. Dawg fans run deeper than Swifties. Watch out!

  • JOE BUCK YOURSELF – Once again, who is this guy? He joins the league and just rattles off wins left and right and takes the #1 seed without breaking a sweat!?!? It was supposed to be a cellar dwellar of a season for this guy. Apparently the memo got lost real early on.

Ok, ok, maybe one of these teams deserves to win. After all, they made it to the top 4 and showed signs of greatness throughout the season. Let’s take a look at both matchups. They are sure to be entertaining.

We all know the storyline here. JBY steamrolled the 2023 regular season. They started off 8-0 and finished an impressive 10-3. That #1 spot was locked early and they are eyeing a championship in just their first season in the league.

The Irish Pride had an all too different journey this year. They were once 3-5, but found a way back into the race. They won 4 out of their last 5 games and were able to snag that last playoff spot in the final week of the regular season. They’ve got the 3rd most points scored, which helped them overcome a brutal schedule that totaled the most points against them. This team is battle tested an on a roll. A dangerous thing for Joe Buck Yourself to face.

ESPN is projecting JBY to take the first half lead here in Week 14 of this 2-week matchup. It’s gonna be a doozy. It looks to be the IRISH’s Jalen Hurts and Kyren Williams versus JBY’s deadly receiver combo of Tyreek Hill and AJ Brown. The scoreboard could be rollin in this one.

Rumor has it that JBY will be breaking out the Tyreek jersey for good luck. The dude is an absolute menace this year. #1 WR in fantasy, by 48 points. Watch out Irish!

Joe Buck Yourself may have that coveted #1 seed, but they are on a 2-game skid. Plus, the last time these two teams faced off, the IRISH thumped them for a 45 point win. An upset could happen here! We here at Crunchtime believe that could be the case and we predict IRISH to take an early lead as Justin Herbert has been pretty inconsistent this season. If it’s one of his down days, IRISH will take advantage.

It’s a 2 week long battle, so buckle up. It’s not over til it’s over!

The Champs face The Pimps in the semifinals here. Both finished with an 8-5 record, but The Pimps scored 16 points more per game than the Monsters. Also, The Pimps lead this series 18-11 over the years. None of that matters now though. They face off with a clean slate in this multi-week matchup.

ESPN is projecting a LARGE advantage for THE PIMPS. They have been riding the hot hand of Dak Prescott, while the Monsters are apparently putting their faith in Justin Fields this week. That is very risky, but they’ve been here before, so they know what they’re doing. …..right? However, Midway may have a competitive advantage here. The Cowboys offense flows through CeeDee Lamb, Midway’s top WR. If Dak’s TD throws go there, Midway will be cancelling out The Pimps greatest weapon. That will definitely be the key for Midway’s chances.

Either way, if the Midway Monsters want to move on, they need to put up their best numbers yet. The Pimps have been just too hot of late.

Midway, you have one task…..

Good luck to all, one of you will be hoisting the trophy in 4 weeks.

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