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Week 1 has come and gone. Five teams won, five teams lost.

I’m not sure which loss hurt more. The Irish Pride could have beaten 6 teams last week, with their 95 points scored. Unfortunately, they met the highest scoring team of the week (The Pimps). Or did the Jesters nightmare on Sunday night cause more pain?? The Dawgs Defense absolutely went ballistic and the Jesters kicker went in the negatives, which caused the Jesters to lose by 1 point. Ouch!!

Well, onto Week 2’s matchups. We were a perfect 5-0 in our picks last week. No need to fact check, trust us.

Game of the week

The Dawgs/Scallywags marks one of the oldest rivalries in the league. They’ve met 30 times in the regular season and 5 times in the playoffs. The Dawgs own the Scallywags in the regular season with a record of 21-9. However, the Scallywags are 3-2 versus the Dawgs in the playoffs, with all 3 of those wins leading to a Championship.

It’s Dak (Dawgs) VS Tua (Scallywags). Tua scored 35 points last week versus Dak’s measly 6 points. It’ll be a blowout if that happens again. In fact, the Dawgs had numerous busts last week and if that isn’t corrected, it’ll be a blowout regardless of the QB matchup. With all that said, ESPN favors the Dawgs in a tight game.

PREDICTION: Despite Week 1 issues, It’s the Dawgs. Destiny says so. Don’t question it.

So, Joe Buck Yourself was supposed to be slapped around by the Darque Warriors as a “Welcome To The League” type thing last week. Little did we know, the Darque Warriors would roll over like little bit$hes. So, now we’ve got the 1-0 Joe Buck Yourself VS the soon to be 0-2 Sons Of Anarchy. Apparently our new welcome is just handing the newb wins!

Ok, Ok, The SOA are actually projected to play a close game and 44.44444444444444% of their team are the KC Chiefs. So, as the Chiefs go, Anarchy goes. There is a path to victory.

PREDICTION: No, there isn’t. Joe Buck embarrasses us again. Get it together guys. For the last time, this year is about handing the new guy loss after loss and preventing the Midway Monsters from 3-peating.

The Midway Monsters are fresh off back to back championships and have won their Week 1 matchup by 25 points. Their opponent, the butthurt Jesters who just got hosed in epic fashion last week. Two completely different locker rooms!

This is actually a very intriguing matchup. It’s 1st round RB picks matching up: Bijan Robinson (Monsters) VS Chubb (Jesters). The QB matchup: Justin Fields (Monsters) VS Joe Burrow (Jesters). Then you’ve got two questionables: Jaylen Waddle (Jesters) is coming into this matchup questionable and it’s questionable if the Monster’s Garrett Wilson has a quarterback. …sorry Midway.

PREDICTION: Jesters bounce back and put up HIGH points.

The Pimps, lead this now 18-year rivalry 12-9. They also are leading the league with their 1-0 record and top points. As for the Gamblers, they stumbled out of the gates last week and are hoping for a win to get back to 0.500.

These teams have perhaps the top 2 players in the league: Christian McCaffrey (Pimps), Justin Jefferson (Gamblers). Either of these two can absolutely go off and give them a huge advantage. It will definitely be entertaining when the ball is in their hands.

The wildcard here is The Pimp’s QB. Kirk Cousins started his career 0-9 on Monday Night Football. Fortunately, he plays on Thursday night. The question is: Is it a Monday Night curse? or a NIGHT game curse??

PREDICTION: Gamblers. (#1 rule in picking: Don’t Pick Pimps)

This one hurts. Both teams come into this game at 0-1, so someone is going to have to drop to 0-2 when it’s all said and done. The Irish Pride took the L after putting up respectable points last week and the the Warriors were disappointed by Lamar Jackson and Davante Adams just taking a dump on the field.

This game isn’t one to be overlooked though. It is projected to be the highest scoring game in the league. So, there’s definitely something good here with both teams. Looking at their lineup, it definitely could be a slugfest, with it all starting off on Thursday Night!

PREDICTION: Not the Darque Warriors. F those guys too.

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