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They’ve done it. The Midway Monsters pull off the comeback and take the 2021 League Championship!

The Jesters put up an impressive first half of this matchup. Tee Higgins (CIN-WR) led the way with 32.4 points and six other players scored double digits giving them a true team effort. At the half, the Jesters had a 9 point lead.

In the second half, the Jesters continued to lead the Midway Monsters for a good amount of time. Midway had to worry, seeing their star QB, Josh Allen, turn the ball over repeatedly.

But, it was just a matter of time. The Monsters eventually turned it on. Josh Allen ended up scoring a solid 20.9 points this week, making his championship game score 58.86 points. But, it was their stable of RBs that made the true difference in passing up the Jesters. David Montgomery (CHI) 18.1 pts, Alvin Kamara (NO) 16.0 pts, and Devin Singletary (BUF) 24.0 pts.

The Jesters, who had counted on Jonathan Taylor to make this playoff run, got good numbers from their stud. However, to many others disappointed them. In the end, the Midway Monsters took the Jesters down with a score of 221.66-206.22.

This gives the Monsters their 2nd League Championship (2009, 2021). Congratulations.

Josh Allen – MVP
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