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Week 13 is here and so is that final push for the playoffs. The Swashbuckling Scallywags are currently atop the standings and are the only team who has locked a playoff spot. Five other teams are fighting for the other three spots. Here’s what we know:

  • Eight wins will guaranteed get you into the playoffs.
  • Seven wins might get you in as well, but points will come into play there.

Four teams below the Scallywags have one less win than them. However, even with a Scallywag loss in Week 13, all four of those teams cannot overtake them. The SOA and Midway Monsters are two of those teams and they face each other. Thus, only 3 teams can potentially tie the Scallywags in wins. The Scallywags are locked into the playoffs.

*If they want that regular season title (and payout that goes along with it), they will more than likely need to win this game. Anyone tying them in wins would beat the Scallywags in the points tiebreaker.

A win and the Monsters are in. Their point total is tops in the league, so there is no possibility that 8 wins would not get into the playoffs.

If the Monsters lose to the Sons of Anarchy, they would need either the Jesters or Darque Warriors to lose as well. …or would need both of them to lose if the Top Dawgs WIN and score more than 6.02 points than the Monsters.

*A win and a Scallywag loss would give the Midway Monsters the regular season title

What has happened to the Jesters?? Just a few weeks ago they were on fire and atop the league. Now, after a 2 game losing streak, they are nearly in a must-win situation.

A win and the Jesters are 100% in. If they lose, they need 2 out of these 3 teams to lose: Darque Warriors, Sons Of Anarchy, Top Dawgs.

* Jesters still have a chance at the regular season title as well. It would require a win and the Scallywags + Midway Monsters to lose (and the Darque Warriors not winning with more points than them). But it is possible.

The Darque Warriors have taken 3 straight losses and have put themselves in a tough situation.

A win and they are playoff bound. If they lose, they need 2 out of these 3 teams to lose: Jesters, Sons Of Anarchy, Top Dawgs. Their point total is very close to other contending teams, so if they lose, they cannot afford a low scoring game.

SOA are on a late season surge! A 3-game winning streak puts them within reach of the playoffs.

A win over the Midway Monsters would vault them into the playoffs.

They could still reach the playoffs with a loss though. They would need 2 out of 3 teams to lose: Jesters, Darque Warriors, Top Dawgs. Then, their points would come into play. So, if SOA is going to lose, they need to have a healthy scoring game!

The Dawgs are the last of the potential playoff teams. They are 1 win off the pace with the rest of the hopefuls. However, they do have the 2nd most points in the league. So, if a tiebreaker comes into play, they have some help.

Top Dawgs MUST win. Then, they need 1 team to lose: Jesters or Darque. This combination would send the Top Dawgs to the postseason.

HONORABLE MENTION: Laces Out has been eliminated, but are currently on a 3-game win streak and have been embracing the spoiler role!

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