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With 10 weeks in the books, we’ve got just 3 regular season games to go. The standings have fluctuated and 7 out of 10 teams still have playoff hopes. The Pimps, Irish Pride, and Laces Out have had a rough season and will be relegated to playoff spoilers from here on out.

Let’s have a look at the standings and upcoming schedules.

Teams highlighed in green are currently holding playoff spots. Teams in yellow are on the outside looking in. The ones in white just suck.

Jesters, 7-3, 1070 pts.

The Jesters are the hottest team in the league. Their 4-game win streak has vaulted them to the #1 spot. They share a 7-3 record with the Darque Warriors and Scallywags, but have a good lead in points over them. Their remaining schedule is also the most favorable in the league. They face 2 eliminated teams and the #7 ranked GB Gamblers. They are nearly a lock for the playoffs. 95% Chance

Darque Warriors, 7-3, 993 pts.

The Darque Warriors took a loss last week and their stud WR Cooper Kupp went down for the foreseeable future. However, their 7-3 record gives them a bit of a cushion and a little comfort. Two wins from here on out will lock a playoff spot. If they go 1-2 in the next 3 weeks, their point total could come into play. They face 2 bottom feeder teams just like the Jesters, but also face the #3 Scallywags. That Week 13 game could be big. 88% Chance

Swashbuckling Scallywags, 7-3 978 pts.

The Scallywags are in the same boat as the Darque Warriors. They share the same record and are separated by just 15 points. They took a tough loss last week just like Darque as well. The thing that separates them from Darque and the Jesters is the upcoming schedule. The Scallywags face those Darque Warriors, but also face 2 teams fighting to get into the playoffs (Top Dawgs, Sons Of Anarchy). Will the Scallywags fend off those teams? Or will they crack under pressure?? 85% Chance

Midway Monsters, 6-4, 1131 pts.

What has happened to the Champ?? Just 3 weeks ago, they were atop the league with a 6-1 record. Now, they have slid to fourth place and a 6-4 record. They’ve got a game up on the teams trying to take their spot and also have the most points in the league, so things aren’t all bad. They are also in complete control of their destiny. With 3 games to go, they face the 3 teams trying to take their spot. Win and in. 75% Chance

Top Dawgs, 5-5, 1117 pts.

At #5 is the most loved team in the league. The Top Dawgs are on the outside looking in. It’s been a streaky season with the Dawgs. They own a 3-game losing streak and then a 4-game winning streak. They are going to need another one of those winning streaks to have a chance here. The schedule will give them that chance. They face the Scallywags and the Midway Monsters. Wins there will directly gain ground for playoff hopes. 35% Chance

Sons Of Anarchy, 5-5, 968.92 pts.

SOA started the season on fire, but it’s been a roller coaster since then. A win last week kept their playoff hopes alive. They have a 12% chance at making the postseason. Their schedule gives them a little control, but they will also need some help. They will need wins and to score some decent points to get that tie breaker working for them.

GB Gamblers, 5-5, 964 pts.

The Gamblers have been perennial contenders in this league, but are against the ropes at this point. They hold a slim 11% chance at making the playoffs. They must go at least 2-1 the rest of the way. However, more than likely they will need to win them all to find a way in. With games against the Jesters and Midway Monsters coming up, they are going to need their best games to move up the ladder here.

Laces Out, Irish Pride, The Pimps

It’s been a rough year for these three. However, don’t take them lightly. They may be the reason that YOU also miss the playoffs!

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