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With 9 weeks in the books, we have just 3 weeks remaining in our fantasy league’s regular season.  The playoffs are close and only one team is officially eliminated.  The Misfits are atop the leaderboard.  Will they hang on to take the regular season title in their inaugural year??  Let’s take a look at the statistics.

[list icon=”undefined” icon_bg=”square” ]The minimum number of wins needed to make the playoffs this season is 6, Realistically it will probably take 7.,The Misfits cannot clinch the division title this week.[/list]



mini_misfits_tos2Record: 7-2    Points:  766   Division Title odds: Clinch 40%  Playoff Spot: Clinch 94%
Upcoming opponents:  Top Dawgs, GB Gamblers, Midway Monsters 


 Record: 6-3  Points: 760  Division Title odds: Clinch 23%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 82%
Upcoming opponents:  GB Gamblers, Irish Pride, IcEbAy bAsHeRs


 Record: 6-3  Points: 711  Division Title odds: Clinch 21%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 76%
Upcoming opponents:  Darque Warriors, Misfits, Jesters


 Record: 6-3  Points: 661   Division Title odds: Clinch 9%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 73%
 Upcoming opponents:  Midway Monsters, IcEbAy bAsHeRs, The Pimps


 Record: 5-4  Points: 654  Division Title odds: Clinch 4%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 48% 
 Upcoming opponents:  Irish Pride, Top Dawgs, GB Gamblers


 Record: 4-5  Points: 730  Division Title odds: Clinch 0%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 15%
 Upcoming opponents:  IcEbAy bAsHeRs, Midway Monsters, Sons Of Anarchy


 Record: 3-6 Points: 658  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 3%
 Upcoming opponents:  Jesters, Darque Warriors, Top Dawgs


 Record: 3-6  Points: 620  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 3%
 Upcoming opponents:  The Pimps, Sons Of Anarchy, Darque Warriors


 Record: 3-6  Points: 515  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 2%
 Upcoming opponents:  Misfits, Jesters, Irish Pride


 Record: 2-7 Points: 575  Eliminated from playoff contention.
 Upcoming opponents:  Sons Of Anarchy, The Pimps, Misfits

[box type=”info” radius=”5″]Darque War CLINCH a Playoff spot this week IF:
Midway Monsters BEAT Sons Of Anarchy AND Darque BEAT GB Gambler AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters*; OR
IcEbAy bAsHeRs BEAT The Pimps AND Darque BEAT GB Gambler AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters*[/box]


[box type=”note” radius=”5″]Misfits CLINCH a Playoff spot this week IF:
Darque Warriors BEAT GB Gamblers AND Misfits BEAT Top Dawgs; OR
Misfits BEAT Top Dawgs AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters[/box]




















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