Welcome to the Crunchtime Fantasy Football League. This is a 10-team league that was formed in 2000. We are a trophy/money league, and all owners are expected to pay their league fee before the draft begins. This league is designed to be a fun competition between owners, where trash talk is very much allowed. The rules described below are designed to act as a guideline for overall league play, and any disputes will be handled by the commissioner.  Any gray areas or anything new will be solved by a league vote.


The league fee for Crunchtime will be charged to each team owner, payable to the commissioner by draft day. Please make sure this happens.  Skulls will be crushed.

[2.1 League Fee]

League fees for the season will be $50.00 from each owner. This payment must be made by cash, check, or PayPal.  Total cash pot for the league equals $500.

[2.2 Expenses]

Expenses for the league are as follows:

  • $00 – League Host.  The switch to ESPN has eliminated the $50 myfantasyleague.com fee
  • $05 – Draft Board.  Draft board has been constructed and is reusable.  Costs involved is for paper, ink, misc.
  • $25 – Engraving.  Though the fantasy trophy was paid by owners back in 2001, there is an engraving cost each year.

[2.3 Prize Money]

$470.  League prize money will be paid out upon completion of the Crunchtime Championship Game. Money will be held in a bank account by the commish and be paid out in the following manner:

  • League Champion receives $150
  • League Runner-Up receives $50  (loser of championship game)
  • Divisional Winner received $50 (best record regular season, w/ pts tiebreaker)
  • League Scoring Champion receives $50 (regular season scoring)
  • Highest 1-game score in regular season: $50
  • 2nd Highest 1-game score in regular season: $30
  • 3rd Highest 1-game score in regular season: $30
  • 4th Highest 1-game score in regular season: $30
  • 5th Highest 1-game score in regular season: $30

Crunchtime will consist of 10 different teams, all in one single division. Shall we ever consider moving to a 12-team league or split into divisions, we will take a league vote. The schedule will be randomly generated, with each team playing every other team at least once in head-to-head match-up. Teams will also play three other teams a second time.

 [3.1 Division Rankings]

Teams will be ranked within their division based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall Winning Percentage
  2. Total Points Scored by the Starters – Year to Date
  3. Head-to-head Winning Percentage
  4. Oh shit, I hope it is settled after the 3rd criteria

 [3.2 Playoffs – Championship Bracket]

After the completion of the regular season, four teams will make the playoffs. In Weeks 13-14, the #1 seed will face the #4 seed and #2 will face #3. These teams will face each other for two weeks, with the combined score of those 2 weeks determining the winner.  The two winners will face off in Weeks 15-16.  They will also battle for 2 weeks to determine the league champion.

[3.2 Playoffs – Toilet Bowl]

The bottom four teams in the regular season will enter the dreaded Toilet Bowl.  The #7 seed will face the #10 seed and #8 will match up against #9.  These semi-finals games will occur in Week 13.  The losers of these matchups will face off in Week 14 to determine the Toilet Bowl Chump.  Loser takes all!


Rosters in Crunchtime consist of 16 active players from any NFL team. There are no position limits, and owners are free to have as many players from any position as they like. Only players from the active roster may be used as part of a team’s starting lineup.

 [4.1 The Draft]

Draft Day is the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  Keep this day free every year. Owners are encouraged to attend the draft in person, and must have all league fees paid before the draft. If you cannot make the draft, it is your responsibility to find a replacement drafter.  Under extreme circumstances, we can Skype with an absentee drafter.  If this is needed, please set this up well in advance.

The draft order will be determined by a random draw.  Traditionally, we have had owners draw envelopes with draft numbers inside of them to determine the order.  The draft will be a serpentine order, where the person with the first pick in Round 1 will have the last pick in Round 2 and the first pick in Round 3. When it is the owner’s turn to draft, they will have two minutes to make their pick. When the time expires, expect heckling to come your way.  Only in extreme cases will we skip the owner who is not making their selection.

[4.2 Keepers]

We allow for one player to be kept from last year’s draft. Eligibility requirements are:

  1. Must have been drafted in the 4th round or later.
  2. Must have been on a roster for the entire season. Once player has been dropped, all keeper status is lost.
  3. Traded players are allowed to be kept as long as they follow rules 1 and 2.

To determine the round at which they can be kept, players follow the schedule below:

  • 4th Round – 3rd Round Keeper the following season
  • 5th Round – 4th Round Keeper the following season
  • 6th Round – 4th Round Keeper the following season
  • 7th Round – 5th Round Keeper the following season
  • 8th Round – 5th Round Keeper the following season
  • 9th Round – 6th Round Keeper the following season
  • 10th Round – 7th Round Keeper the following season
  • 11th Round – 8th Round Keeper the following season
  • 12th Round – 8th Round Keeper the following season
  • 13th Round – 8th Round Keeper the following season
  • 14th Round – 9th Round Keeper the following season
  • 15th Round – 10th Round Keeper the following season
  • 16th Round – 10th Round Keeper the following season

Players drafted in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds cannot be kept.

 [4.3 Free Agency]

Dropped Players
When a player is dropped, they are placed on waivers for 2 days. During that time, owners may enter a waiver request for that player and he will be awarded to the owner who is highest on the list. Waiver priority is initially reverse draft order. You get bumped to the bottom of the list every waiver claim that you receive.

Free-Agents – First Come First Serve
From Wednesday at Noon until the start of each player’s game, players are freely available to be picked up. This will not cost you your waiver priority.

At the time of each player’s kickoff, free-agents are placed into a locked status. You can no longer freely pick up players not on a team (in free-agency). This prevents owners from picking up “hot” players instantly. You may place a waiver claim on any of these players and the system will award them to the owner with the highest waiver priority at noon on Wednesday. Once waivers are processed, all free agents are unlocked and can be picked up at will. (Remember that any players dropped during this claims process with be placed onto waivers).

 [4.4 Trades]

Trading is allowed and encouraged. Trades may include multiple players from any position. Trade deadline coincides with the NFL trade deadline (give or take a few days).  In 2019, it is set for October 30th.

 [4.5 Starting Lineups]

Starting lineups in Crunchtime will consist as follows:

  • 1 quarterback
  • 1 running back
  • 2 wide receivers
  • 1 tight end
  • 2 flex (running back, wide receiver, or tight end)
  • 1 place kicker
  • 1 defense

Players may be added or removed from the starting lineup up until the start of their NFL game.  Once each player’s game starts, they will be locked at where they are in the lineup.

[4.5.1 Position Designations]

From time to time, the NFL may change their designation of a particular player from one position to another or a player may line up in multiple positions throughout the game. For example, a wide receiver may be switched to a tight end and vice versa. For the purposes of Crunchtime, we will follow what our hosting site designates. 

 [4.6 Bye-week Penalties]

Any owner who starts a player that is on a bye week, regardless of intention, the owner will be slapped in the face with a rubber chicken.  Don’t be that guy.   …unless you truly can’t fill a roster that week.

 [4.7 Active Ownership Requirements]

Each owner is expected to actively manager their team each week, even if they are eliminated from any playoff consideration. Please keep the competitive spirit of the league alive, even if your team has hit the crapper.  Multiple weeks of starting players on byes or injuries classifies as owner delinquency.  The league will then have the ability to pull ownership rights and give them to a replacement owner.  We just want to keeps things fun and active.


Scoring will be computed to two decimal places. This will allow points to be awarded or deducted for every positive or negative yard and will dramatically reduce the chance of a tie game. Players are awarded fantasy points for each week that they are included in the team’s starting lineup. Players may only start at one position in any given week and will only be awarded points as described by their position distinction below.


  • 25 Passing Yards = 1 Point
  • 10 Rushing Yards =1 Point
  • 10 Receiving Yards = 1 Point
  • Each 100 Yards Rushing, 100 Yards Receiving, or 300 Yards Passing = 1 Bonus Point
  • Any kind of TD = 6 Points
  • 2-Point Conversion = 2 Points
  • Fumble Lost or INT = -2 Points


  • Sack = 1 Point
  • INT, Fumble Recovery = 2 Points
  • Safety = 2 Points
  • INT, Fumble Recovery For TD = 6 Points
  • 0 points allowed = 10 Points
  • 01-06 points allowed = 7 Points
  • 07-13 points allowed = 4 Points
  • 14-20 points allowed = 1 Point
  • 21-27 points allowed = 0
  • 28-34 points allowed = -1 Point
  • 35+ points allowed = -4 Points


Passing Yards (PY)0.04

TD Pass (PTD)6

Interceptions Thrown (INT)-2

2pt Passing Conversion (2PC)2

300-399 yard passing game (P300)1

400+ yard passing game (P400)1


Rushing Yards (RY)0.1

TD Rush (RTD)6

2pt Rushing Conversion (2PR)2

100-199 yard rushing game (RY100)1

200+ yard rushing game (RY200)2


Receiving Yards (REY)0.1

TD Reception (RETD)6

2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE)2

100-199 yard receiving game (REY100)1

200+ yard receiving game (REY200)2


Each PAT Made (PAT)1

Each PAT Missed (PATM)-1

Total FG Missed (FGM)-1

FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0)3

FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40)4

FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50)5

Team Defense / Special Teams

Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)0

Punt Return TD (PRTD)0

Interception Return TD (INTTD)6

Fumble Return TD (FRTD)6

Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD)6

2pt Return (2PTRET)2

1pt Safety (1PSF)1

Each Sack (SK)1

Blocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK)2

Each Interception (INT)2

Each Fumble Recovered (FR)2

Each Safety (SF)2

0 points allowed (PA0)10

1-6 points allowed (PA1)7

7-13 points allowed (PA7)4

14-17 points allowed (PA14)1

28-34 points allowed (PA28)-1

35-45 points allowed (PA35)-4

46+ points allowed (PA46)-5


Kickoff Return TD (KRTD)6

Punt Return TD (PRTD)6

Fumble Recovered for TD (FTD)6

Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)-2

Interception Return TD (INTTD)6

Fumble Return TD (FRTD)6

Blocked Punt or FG return for TD (BLKKRTD)6

2pt Return (2PTRET)2

1pt Safety (1PSF)

 [6.0 League Schedule]

The Season’s schedule was previously bases on our draft order. For simplicity, it has changed to randomization. Commish will randomize the schedule before the draft.