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After much anticipation the draft has arrived. The Sons of Anarchy drew the #1 pick, but they didn’t seem all too happy about it. However, they used that position to start stockpiling Chief players, beginning with Patrick Mahomes at the #1 spot. That trend continued through the day as they ended up with 5 of them.



TEAMPlayerteam/posspot draftedESPN adpValuekeeper rank
Sons Of AnarchySky MooreKC – WR61108.247.28
GB GamblersGeorge PickensPIT – WR9984.514.56
The PimpsDeVonta SmithPHI – WR5832.125.94
JestersJoe BurrowCIN – QB573522.05
Irish PrideAmon-Ra St. BrownDET – WR2521.703.37
Darque WarriorsTony PollardDAL – RB4615.330.73
Top DawgsJa’Mar ChaseCIN – WR483.045.02
ScallywagsRaheem MostertMIA – RB92143.251.29
Midway MonstersGarrett WilsonNYJ – WR7117.853.21

Though the Dawgs and Warriors were able to snag the highest ADP players at a great value, the Midway Monsters got the best savings. Garrett Wilson’s had a 2nd round ADP, but was kept all the way back in the 8th round. However, this was at a price. Will passing up Josh Allen sabotage his 3-peat plans?

The Sons Of Anarchy and Scallywags rounded up the back as far as keeper values. However, ADP means crap when you just need to draft your guys. Maybe they will be more valuable than what the preseason consensus says.


You get a sticker, you get a sticker. Much like Oprah, we’re giving things away. Though these have no value. Congrats on the stickers.

baby time AWARD

The youngest starting lineup

The Winner: Midway Monsters with an average age of 25.3 makes them the youngest starters.
Runners up: Joe Buck Yourself at 25.6 years old.

Will youth help Midway continue their hopes for a dynasty?

Jamarcus russell award

This is for the worst rated QB postition.

The winner is: The Swashbuckling Scallywags. Tua Tagovailoa, QB12 & Jared Goff, QB17 mark the lowest for all teams. At least these two are known for their health. …oh wait.

What a stinker award

Lowest Rated Team

Sons of Anarchy take home this stinking sticker. With the worst rated WR, RB, and TE positions, this award was inevitable. SOA needs to shake this off and piggy-back the Chiefs to overcome this setback.

You how old? Award

Oldest projected starting lineup.

WINNER: Darque Warriors at an average age of 27.9 years old. It’s a shame Brady isn’t around. He could’ve bumped that number up quite a bit for them. lololol


Top Rated RB Position

WINNER: The Pimps. This has all to to with Christian McCaffrey, RB1. The additions of Najee Harris RB11, Aaron Jones RB14, Jonathan Taylor RB22 top off the stable.

greatness award

Highest Rated Team

Winner: Top Dawgs. Top Projected Starters and #3 Overall Rated Team gives the Dawgs the esteemed honors. Fortunately for the other teams, you can’t pull the rug out from under someone unless they are on it first. Dawgs are on the carpet, who’s gonna take em down?

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