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The Draft is over and the season is about to begin. Week 1 is where we all have the high hopes of hoisting that trophy at the end of the season. A loss here could be felt as just a small setback for some or as a catastrophic disaster with it all being over for others. However, a win right here will feed the hunger for the big prize. Where will you be when Week 1 is all over?

Game of the week

Irish Pride Lead This Lifetime Regular Season Matchup: 15-14

Our GAME OF THE WEEK is a doozy. The Irish Pride and The Pimps have traded blows over the years. They are nearly deadlocked in their career matchups. The Irish have just a one game lead over the years, 15-14. The Pimps have a chance to tie it up. Though the Irish Pride won their last meeting in 2022, The Pimps have won 3 out of the last 4 meetings. So anything goes.

ESPN predicts this to be close. But, get real. If The Pimps are relying on Najee Harris to help win, they crazy. He runs so slow, his cleats gotta be tied together. As for Kyle Pitts, he scored 2 touchdowns last year. That must have gotten him so tired, because after that, he had to take the last 6 games off! Deshawn Watsons on his bench. Last time Watson was on a bench, we know what kind of trouble he got into!


Once an even matchup between these two, the Dawgs have taken 8 out of the last 9 games against the Jesters. But, that’s the past. This is a new year and both teams need to prove themselves. The Dawgs will be hoping to cancel Joe Burrow’s TDs by having all of them go to Jamar Chase. If Chase gets blanked, the Jesters will have a big advantage here.

What worries us though, is that the Dawgs players can’t even make it to the first game without getting hurt. WTF Kelce!?!


The Midway Monsters are trying to achieve what no other team has accomplished…..The 3-Peat. It all starts here. They’ve won the last 4 matchups versus the Sons Of Anarchy, which includes the 60 point beat down in their last meeting. SOA needs to shake it off and find a way to step it up, something that Cooper Kupp can’t quite seem to do with that hammy. ….too soon?

While we’re questioning SOA’s sanity in drafting the injured, we need to look the Monster’s way as well. They elected pass up on their savior, Josh Allen, for a New York Jet! Now, they’re looking for Justin Fields to lead them to victory, something Bears QB’s are certainly not known for.

Trying to figure these two teams out is like trying to read a book written in emoji – it’s a puzzling adventure filled with unexpected twists and a whole lot of head-scratching!


Joe Buck Yourself’s Inaugural Game. This game means everything. It’s the game that will define them forever as a WiNNER or a LOSER! Ok, maybe it’s just one game. But, we knoooow he wants this one bad. 🙂 And Darque looks to do his part welcoming the new team. Giving them the big L.

ESPN predicts a double digit victory for the Darque Warriors. But, we here see otherwise. See, the Darque Warriors were laughing at the injured Top Dawgs. That’s just bad JuJu. The Darque Warriors will crumble here. They will crumble! Cruuummbbbbblllllllllllllle.

PREDICTION: Who cares, it’s just 2 teams going nowhere. (Ok, potentially losing Kelce makes me bitter)

There’s no way around it, the GB Gamblers have the Scallywags number. The Gamblers have a 15-7 records against the Wenches. That’s nearly a 70% win rate! But, the Scallywags did make the playoffs last year and the Gamblers struggled MIGHTILY. Maybe the winds have changed.

On paper, the Scallywags look like they can pull this one off. With both teams having players on Monday night (Diggs, Scallywags and Josh Allen, Gamblers), this will surely be one of the nailbiters. Will Allen help his new team get back on the winning track? Or will the Scallywags keep that train moving in the right direction?

PREDICTION: Scallywags win, Gamblers lose, Packers lose, Corey cries

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