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With 10 weeks of fantasy football in the books, we have just 2 weeks of the regular season to go.

Though the Swashbuckling Scallywags won this past week, their playoff chances have vanished. Due to the GB Gamblers and Darque Warriors winning this past week, the minumum amount of wins now needed to make the dance are at 7 wins. The Scallywags best finish is now a 6-5-1 record.

The Midway Monsters were also officially eliminated this week, though their chances were even smaller. The Scallywags and Monsters looked tough entering the season, however things just didn’t click when it counted.

This leaves 6 teams fighting for those 4 playoff positions. The top spot is still very much up for grabs due to the Irish Pride’s lower point total. Below is a breakdown of who’s alive and who’s not.

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