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Right out of the gates, the Darque Warriors lit it up. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson combined for 34 points in their game against the Saints. Many others chipped in, but Ryan Tannehill was the star of the show. He would throw for 273 yards and account for 5 TDs in just the first week. That was worth 43 fantasy points! At one point in this matchup, the Warriors led by over 80 points.

Key Top Dawg players like Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf underperformed that first week and we ended the first half of this championship matchup with a score of 134.42 – 81.44 (a 52.98 point lead).

The Dawgs fought back in the second half with solid games from Jelen Hurts and Jeff Wilson, but the Warriors didn’t roll over. They did what they had to do to keep the lead and ended up securing their 2nd League Championship.

Congrats to the Darque Warrriors and their solid lineup. As shown below, Darque may have opened the season with a loss, but they never lost two in a row. They ended the regular season with a solid 8-4 record, and put up the points in the playoffs.

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