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Crown em!

Sons of Anarchy are our 2014 fantasy league champions.  They took down the Darque Warriors with a score of 171-137 in the championship game.  This marks the third championship for SOA, with their last one being just 2 years ago.  Key free agent pickup, Odell Beckham takes home the Championship Game MVP as he scored 20+ points each of the two weeks.  He totaled 44.55 points, which accounted for 26% of Sons Of Anarchy’s total points.  This proved clutch, especially considering their stud Aaron Rodgers could only total 12.41 points in these games.

As for the Darque Warriors, they certainly go home disappointed.  After leading at the half way point, the final week of this championship game quickly unraveled.  Andrew Schmuck (Luck) completely lost it and couldn’t even post positive numbers.  The others just posted average numbers and the rest is history.  Game over.

Congrats once again to the Sons of Anarchy.  The trophy is yours.

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