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While the league displays well on mobile devices, mobile apps are great for ease-of-use.  Check out the links below for the top 3 mobile operating systems.  When the app asks for league id, use 11827.



Blackberry (anyone?)

PC ADDON GameDay is an optional (and free!) program that runs on Microsoft Windows computers and has the following advantages over standard live scoring:

  • Faster Updates – Game Day updates every 30-35 seconds, whereas standard live scoring refreshes every 90 seconds.
  • NFL Games View – this view allows you to see live scoring on an NFL matchup basis. This view is ideal to figure out, for example, if your RB on a given NFL team is not getting yardage, who else on the team might be getting the yardage.
  • Top Performers View – allows you to see the top performers across all NFL games as the games are in progress.
  • Touchdowns View – allows you to see all of the Touchdowns and Field Goals that have been scored at a glance as the games are on-going.
  • My Leagues View – for those in more than one league, this allows you to see the results of all of your games in all of your leagues in a single place.
  • Custom Scoring Rules – full support of custom player positions, score adjustments, home field advantage points, and offense minus defense scoring (these are not displayed by the web-based live scoring interface).
  • Audio Integration – GameDay can announce to you when touchdowns and field goals are scored, when teams get into the Red Zone, when sacks occur, and more. New for 2007 – you can select one of three “voices” to hear scores announced in.
  • Refreshes Even When You’re Away From Your Computer – web-based live scoring will detect that you’re not using it, and will automatically stop refreshing after about 15 minutes. GameDay was designed for you to hear the scoring updates while you’re away from your computer, and thus does not have this timeout feature.
  • More Options – turn stats details on/off, turn bench player view on/off, sort Top Performers by various stat categories, and more.

To get started, simply click on this link: gamedaysetup.exe.

When you click on this link, if you are asked whether to “Open” or “Save” the file, be sure to select the “Save to Disk” option. After it is installed, there will be a new icon on your desktop. Click on the icon to start the MFL Game Day program. To use the program, just enter your 5-digit league ID and click on the “Start” button.

If you have any questions or suggestions once you download GameDay, go to your league’s “Help > Help Center” page and select the “GameDay” category.


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