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With 3 weeks left in our Fantasy Football regular season, Week 10 looks to be a defining moment.  It appears it will take 7+ wins to make the postseason, so let’s take a quick look at each team and their upcoming matchups.


(#1) The Pimps are sitting pretty at this point (7-2, 799 points).  With 100 points more than anyone in the league, they are a virtual lock to make the playoffs.  Their RB core is a bit of a mess, but Aaron Rodgers (#1 QB), the Bears D (#1 Defense), and Brandon Marshall (#2 WR) completely cover that stink.  The rest of their roster is filled with very capable players to take this team to a championship title.

Upcoming Opponents:  #8 Sons of Anarchy, #2 D Railers, #3 GB Gamblers


(#2) The D Railers are on a roll, winning 5 out of their last 6 games.  The Muscle Hamster (Doug Martin) has been a huge force these past 2 games, but the truth is that they’re sporting 3 of the league’s top 12 scoring RBs.  Add in Tom Brady (#4 QB) and weekly strategic moves, and the D Railers can continue to wreak havoc.  Their last 3 games are all against top 5 teams, so it will be a battle til the end.  Win 2 of these games and their first ever playoff appearance is a lock.  Winning one or none and postseason dreams could possibly slip away.

Upcoming Opponents:  #3 GB Gamblers, #1 The Pimps,  #5 Top Dawgs


(#3) GB had a shaky midseason, but the past 3 games they have separated themselves from the pretenders.  Their 6-3 record and 680 points puts them right behind the D Railers and in charge of their own destiny.  Their gamble on drafting Peyton Manning has paid off as he is the 3rd highest scoring player in the league.  Unlikely heroes like Vincent Jackson (#4 WR), Randall Cobb (#5 WR), and Stevan Ridley (#8 RB) have powered and look to continue to drive this Gambler team.  Two wins will lock a playoff spot,  though 1 could be enough depending on what those lower ranked teams do.

Upcoming Opponents:  #2 D Railers, #7 Icebay Bashers, #1 The Pimps


(#4) The Jester’s are the last of the teams who control their own destiny (6-3 record, 656 points).  Two wins separate them from the cluster of 4 win teams. Their last 3 games also look favorable, with all three ranked in the bottom 4.  A strong finish could catapult them into 1st for their first ever Divisional Title.  However, a  weak finish could toss them right out of the playoff race.  They just need to make sure that their string of 50 point games (3 out of the last 4 games) is a thing of the past.The key to this all is Drew Brees.  The Jesters are riding the #2 ranked fantasy scorer as far as he will take them.

Upcoming Opponents:  #10 Midway Monsters, #9 Irish Pride, #7 Icebay Bashers


(#5) The Dawgs have lost control the past few weeks. This 2 game skid has dropped them from 3rd down to 5th place.  Playoff chances at this point are slim.  It would most likely take winning these final 3 games to have a chance at the post season (with 2 wins requiring a complete collapse by all others involved).  With the D Railers and GB Gamblers facing off this week, one of those teams will take a fall, helping the 4 win teams.  With all this said, Top Dawgs need to overcome the vicious injury bug and field a lineup that can still contend.  Repeat Championship hopes are still alive, but it’s gonna be a battle.

Upcoming Opponents:  #7 Icebay Bashers, #8 Sons Of Anarchy, #2 D Railers


(#6) Early season favorite, Darque Warriors, has had issues.  While sporting stud RBs Arian Foster (#1RB) and Ray Rice (#4RB), inconsistent QB and WR play has plagued Darque.  They’ve lost 3 out of their last 4 games, but fortunately got a win last week to keep their playoff dreams alive.  With a 4-5 record, they are most likely going to have to run the table.  While Legatron returns from a bye to help, there’s some injury issues to overcome and time is running low.

Upcoming Opponents:  #9 Irish Pride, #10 Midway Monsters, #8 Sons of Anarchy


(#7) The Bashers are like cockroaches.   You can spray em, step on em, count em out, but the buggers just keep coming back.  With a 1-5 record after six weeks, we all counted em out.  But,  3 weeks later, here they are, riding a three game win streak and are bunched up amongst the other 4-5 hopefuls.  The Bashers do have some serious weapons, which includes: Lawrence Tynes (#1 K), Texan D (#2 Defense), Adrian Peterson (#3 RB), and even Chris Johnson has recently pulled his head out of his ass.  Sure, playoff chances are bleak, but anything can happen.  The Bashers have made late surges before..and with their upcoming schedule, they can directly impact the playoff teams.

Upcoming Opponents:  #5 Top Dawgs,  #3 GB Gamblers, #4  Jesters


(#8) Sons of Anarchy have been through a bumpy season (Loss, Win , Win, Loss, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss).  In order for any playoff hopes, Anarchy are going to have to set the league on fire by putting up a 3-game win streak with historical point totals.  This would be a true miracle as they are just so far back this late in the season.  Star QB Robert Griffin III has been their true bright spot and potentially a solid keeper for the next few years.  So, 2012 will not be a complete loss no matter how it ends.

Upcoming Opponents:   #6 Darque Warriors, #4 Jesters,  #10 Midway Monsters


(#9) Just three weeks ago, the Irish Pride were riding on a nice 2 game win streak while sitting with a nice 3-3 record.  What a difference a few weeks make…and currently a 3 game losing streak.  Times are tough.  The ninth placed Irish sport a 3-6 record with hopes of just getting back to .500.  There are some bright spots on this team.  The WR core is pretty potent, with 2 of them in the top 7 for WR scoring (Decker, James Jones) and Roethlisberger has certainly outplayed his 12th round draft position.  But, If the Irish had somehow kept their RBs healthy (MJD, Mathews), things could have been different.  When  your first 2 draft picks barely contribute, you’re gonna have issue.

Upcoming Opponents:  #6 Darque Warriors, #4 Jesters, #10 Midway Monsters


(#10) The 1-8 Monsters have had a rough season to say the least.  Points have been scarce (scored over 70 just twice this season) and other teams have shown up consistently against them (79.5 Points against, 2nd Highest).  Draft Day just didn’t pan out.  Cam Newton forgot how to lead his team, Jennings has a faulty groin, Benson’s foot fell off, and none of his young hopefuls have stepped up.  Needless to say, playoffs are a long forgotten dream, but there’s still 3 regular season games to shoot for a high score payout and time to evaluate their roster for a keeper.  Plus, a postseason game or 2 in the toilet bowl.

Upcoming Losses: #4 Jesters, #6 Darque Warriors, #9 Irish Pride

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