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While The Pimps and Midway Monsters cruise to an impressive 4-0, we have the Jesters at the other end.  0-4.  Ouch.  An 0-4 start is a brutal way to start the season.  So the questions are:  Are they really this terrible..and can this winless start be overcome?

Stars are at every position and injuries are minimal.  QB play needs to improve as neither of the 2 QBs are currently top 10 performers.  TE play is a major strength as Gonzalez and Thomas are both top 5 at their position.


Power rankings also show that they aren’t bottom feeders:

The Jesters ALL-PLAY record is near .500 and it is shown that if they had started the right players, they COULD HAVE won 3 games. This is also reflected by a 75% effeciency rating, which is 2nd worst. Better management could have boosted the Jesters to a much better record. DOH!

So, we can see the Jesters really aren’t terrible.  They’ve suffered from some underperforming and some bad start/sits.

As for the playoffs, a record of 7-5 can easily make it in.  In fact, 6-6 records have also made it in the past, if their scoring were high enough.   Given that their scoring is middle of the pack at this point, they are not completely out of playoff possibilities.  They will have to ride a major winning streak an lose a maximum of 1-2 more games…but crazier things have happened!  Good luck.



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