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The Dawgs are partying like it’s the year 2000!

With a 3 point victory (193.60-190.48) over the Sons of Anarchy, the Top Dawgs claim their 2nd Fantasy Championship in league history. This puts an exclamation point on their strong 2011 season and ends their dreaded 10 year title drought! Big Congrats the mighty Dawgs!!

The very powerful Sons of Anarchy team took a commanding 13 point lead after the first week of this two week battle. They had the Dawgs against the ropes as Scott seemingly could only root for YARDS, as TDs just werent’ able to pile up as fast. Drew Brees made Tim’s team proud as he amassed 66 points over the two games. However, the Dawgs had a few tricks up their sleeve. Scott used the QB-by-committee approach as Matt Ryan led off Week 1 and Cam Newton piled up the points Week 2. This choice worked well as the two QBs totaled over 53 points, which nearly negated the Anarchy’s QB stud.

The Top Dawgs #1 pick, Calvin Johnson, returned to early season form and totaled over 300 receiving yards and 3 TDs in the Big Game. Many others also stepped up to just edge the Sons of Anarchy, like Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was a beast down the stretch as he hit double digit fantasy points every week from weeks 10-16. In fact, his TD in week 16, which helped topple the Anarchy, was the first rushing TD that the 49ers has allowed all season. …CLUTCH!

All hail the Dawgs! Thanks to all for another entertaining season..and we look forward to 2012.

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 by mimi in July 16, 2012

the yahoo auto draft will select best pylear according to their rankings, until all starters are fillled. then it starts working on the bench. downside to this is you end up wasting valuable late picks on kickers and defenses, sometimes picking up 2 defense and 2 kickers. that s 4 picks better spent on wideouts, or RB s. another downside is you could possibly draft a QB or WR in round 1 blowing a stud RB that s more s what one of my leagues is doing. we basically like live drafts. but of course some people have such important lives they can t spare 1 hour of their day, so during the live draft, they get best available according to yahoo s rankings. if that means a TE in round 3, too bad. you should ve been select live draft, print out a sheet of yahoo rankings, and as managers select pylears, cross them off the sheet, and when an auto-draft yuppie comes up, just draft them the highest pylear NOT SELECTED till they have all their starters. as for the bench, we ignore position. if they get 5 tight ends too bad.personally, I hate auto-drafts. that live draft is honestly half the fun in playing fantasy football. you re all 0-0, talking crap, making fun of draft picks, eating pizza and wings, having some beers. if u bomb out starting the season 1-3 u are probably in for a long season, at least you had fun at the live draft though! Was this answer helpful?

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