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2014 Survivor Winners


We have 3 survivors this season.  Corey, McE, and ShannonS all last to the end and will share the 1st and 2nd place prizes.

Corey looked unstoppable this season.  He rattled off 15 straight wins.  However, he tripped up in Week 16 and opened the door for McE and Shannon to have a chance at that 1st place prize.  So close to a perfect season.  At the other end of the spectrum, McE’s 2014 season looked to be a short one.  His first miss happened all the way back in Week 2.  However, he hung in there and recorded 15 straight wins to finish off the season.


  • Most picked team:  Chargers, used 35 times (25 of them being in Week 4)
  • Teams never used:  Jaguars, Giants, Raiders
  • Disappoined most players:  Seahawks (caused 13 losses)
  • Never lost when picked:  Chargers (35), Eagles (34), Packers (26), Colts (16), Ravens (13), Dolphins (11), Texans (6), Vikings (1), Jets (1), Titans (1)



Eagles, Panthers win 33


Week 17 is in the books.  No team scored exactly 33 points this week, so the final payout goes to the team(s) that scored the closest.  The Eagles and Panthers both scored 34 and that is as close as it gets.  Crevie and Corey share the final win.  Thanks for playing, everyone.

2014 Fantasy Champs


Crown em!

Sons of Anarchy are our 2014 fantasy league champions.  They took down the Darque Warriors with a score of 171-137 in the championship game.  This marks the third championship for SOA, with their last one being just 2 years ago.  Key free agent pickup, Odell Beckham takes home the Championship Game MVP as he scored 20+ points each of the two weeks.  He totaled 44.55 points, which accounted for 26% of Sons Of Anarchy’s total points.  This proved clutch, especially considering their stud Aaron Rodgers could only total 12.41 points in these games.

As for the Darque Warriors, they certainly go home disappointed.  After leading at the half way point, the final week of this championship game quickly unraveled.  Andrew Schmuck (Luck) completely lost it and couldn’t even post positive numbers.  The others just posted average numbers and the rest is history.  Game over.

Congrats once again to the Sons of Anarchy.  The trophy is yours.




Championship Game – Darque VS SOA


The first round of our championship bracket is now in the books.  Our #3 seeded Darque Warriors comfortably took out the #2 Misfits with a score of  176-130.  Le’Veon Bell was impressive, to say the least.  He led the way with a combined 50.45 points during this 2-week span.  Andrew Luck also was a driving force by totaling 55.13 points.  This marks the end of the Misfits powerhouse inaugural season.  They topped the standings for much of the season, but just fell flat when it counted most.  Jimmy Graham completely disappeared in the playoffs and Andre Ellington apparently had a boo boo.  His replacement, Bishop Sankey, well….is Bishop Sankey…and that just doesn’t cut it!

The other game in this bracket was a beatdown.  Sons Of Anarchy left the GB Gamblers bewildered with a score of 242-144.  Take your pick, Aaron Rodgers, CJ Anderson, and the Rams Defense.  They all are lighting it up and are fighting for postseason MVP.  Those 242 points scored, were the most scored in a single round in league history.  If they can even somewhat keep this pace going, the trophy will be theirs.

This championship game will surely be a good one.  Both are past champions.  The Darque Warriors have a title from 2010 and Sons of Anarchy have two (2005, 2012).  All eyes on this big game, though, will be on the QB matchup; Andrew Luck VS Aaron Rodgers. These two are currently the top two fantasy scorers in the league.  Questions remain though.  Will CJ Anderson’s recent magic hold up?   Can the Rams possibly post crazy numbers?  Can Tim’s man love of Aaron Rodgers grow any more powerful?  Time will tell, as the championship game starts Thursday!


Fantasy Playoffs are here!


Sons of Anarchy leapfrogged their way all the way to the top spot to finish out the regular season.  This gives them their their 2nd ever Divisional Title (2011).  They will face the #4 seed GB Gamblers in the first round, which lasts from Week 13 to Week 14.   The other matchup features the #2 Misfits versus the #3 Darque Warriors.  Best of luck!

The Pimps and Irish Pride finished fifth and sixth respectively.  This give them the opportunity to play in the “Insignificant Invitational”.  This meaningless matchup is simply for pride.

Finally, let’s talk Toilet Bowl.  These 4 schmucks are stuck at the bottom.  Jesters, Top Dawgs, Midway Monsters, and Icebay Bashers all had issues. One loser will hold the shameful title of Toilet Bowl Chump for the year.  Win one game and this humiliation.

Survivor Week 10 Update


Pittsburgh and Cincinnati knock out 3 more players in our Survivor Pool this week.  This brings our number of players remaining to 15.  Six of those players are still perfect.

Players who have used all of the powerhouse teams are really going to start feeling the pressure now.  It’s just not going to get any easier from here on out.  Last season, we had 18 players enter week 10 and only 7 of them advanced to Week 11.  The pool was then finished by Week 12.  So, the lessson here is……don’t get too comfortable!



Fantasy Playoff Picture


With 9 weeks in the books, we have just 3 weeks remaining in our fantasy league’s regular season.  The playoffs are close and only one team is officially eliminated.  The Misfits are atop the leaderboard.  Will they hang on to take the regular season title in their inaugural year??  Let’s take a look at the statistics.

[list icon=”undefined” icon_bg=”square” ]The minimum number of wins needed to make the playoffs this season is 6, Realistically it will probably take 7.,The Misfits cannot clinch the division title this week.[/list]



mini_misfits_tos2Record: 7-2    Points:  766   Division Title odds: Clinch 40%  Playoff Spot: Clinch 94%
Upcoming opponents:  Top Dawgs, GB Gamblers, Midway Monsters 


 Record: 6-3  Points: 760  Division Title odds: Clinch 23%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 82%
Upcoming opponents:  GB Gamblers, Irish Pride, IcEbAy bAsHeRs


 Record: 6-3  Points: 711  Division Title odds: Clinch 21%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 76%
Upcoming opponents:  Darque Warriors, Misfits, Jesters


 Record: 6-3  Points: 661   Division Title odds: Clinch 9%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 73%
 Upcoming opponents:  Midway Monsters, IcEbAy bAsHeRs, The Pimps


 Record: 5-4  Points: 654  Division Title odds: Clinch 4%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 48% 
 Upcoming opponents:  Irish Pride, Top Dawgs, GB Gamblers


 Record: 4-5  Points: 730  Division Title odds: Clinch 0%. Playoff Spot: Clinch 15%
 Upcoming opponents:  IcEbAy bAsHeRs, Midway Monsters, Sons Of Anarchy


 Record: 3-6 Points: 658  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 3%
 Upcoming opponents:  Jesters, Darque Warriors, Top Dawgs


 Record: 3-6  Points: 620  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 3%
 Upcoming opponents:  The Pimps, Sons Of Anarchy, Darque Warriors


 Record: 3-6  Points: 515  Eliminated from Divisional Race. Playoff Spot: Clinch 2%
 Upcoming opponents:  Misfits, Jesters, Irish Pride


 Record: 2-7 Points: 575  Eliminated from playoff contention.
 Upcoming opponents:  Sons Of Anarchy, The Pimps, Misfits

[box type=”info” radius=”5″]Darque War CLINCH a Playoff spot this week IF:
Midway Monsters BEAT Sons Of Anarchy AND Darque BEAT GB Gambler AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters*; OR
IcEbAy bAsHeRs BEAT The Pimps AND Darque BEAT GB Gambler AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters*[/box]


[box type=”note” radius=”5″]Misfits CLINCH a Playoff spot this week IF:
Darque Warriors BEAT GB Gamblers AND Misfits BEAT Top Dawgs; OR
Misfits BEAT Top Dawgs AND Irish Pride BEAT Jesters[/box]




















Seattle, Cleveland, Chicago disappoint in Week 7 Survivor


Survivor players who chose the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks were surely disappointed this week.  The St. Louis Rams topped the Hawks  with a score of 28-26 in a game full of trickery.

NFL.com Game Recap

The Browns and Bears also gave a few players their first and second losses on the year.  The herd is certainly thinning.  Here are are latest stats on the pool:

7 Perfect20 with one miss24 Eliminated

Fantasy Football Midseason Report – Part 2


Continued from Part 1, here’s our take on the next six teams.


 Darque Warriors (3-3) 473.54 Points

The Darque Warriors are riding quite the roller coaster to start the season.  Win, Loss, Win, Loss, Win, Loss.  The concerning part is that the last two weeks, they are averaging just 58.15 points.  This is down from the 89.31 points that they averaged Weeks 1-4.  Perhaps it is just a slight speed bump though.

Andrew Luck has been dominant.  Drafted 42nd overall as the Warrior’s 5th Round keeper, Luck has proven to be a steal!  He is currently ranked as the #1 fantasy player in the league.  This hasnt been due to just a few monster weeks either.  Luck’s numbers have been solid every week, with just one score under 20 points.  This has been a real help getting Darque to this 3-3 record.  If not for the Misfits beating them in Week 4 in a barn burner (106-104), the Warriors would be just a few points out of 3rd place, with a 4-2 record.

Got a chance: Gronkowski is still healthy.  Branden Oliver came out of nowhere and is looking like a madman.  Lamar Miller is now the undisputed RB in Miami.  Ingram is returning shortly.  The stable of WRs have promise.  With Luck leading the way, the Darque Warriors have as good a chance as any to make their way into the top 4 for that postseason battle.




Irish Pride  (3-3) 441.95 Points

The Irish Pride have been singing Cher songs recently…particularly  “If I could turn back time.”  Just 3 weeks ago the Irish were killing it with a 3-0 record.  But then, the skid began.   Their current 3 game losing streak now brings them head to head with The Pimps, who’s QB (Peyton Manning) is looking to break the all-time TD record.  The Irish will need to counter this attack to get back on their winning ways.


Consistency:  These guys are the poster child of consistency.  Every  week, the Irish Pride have scored in the 70 point range. (70.41 80.09 70.66 70.65 74.62 75.52).  Ok, so week 2 they scored 80.09, but the point is proven.  Currently the Irish are averaging 1.37 points above the league average.  So, even if nothing were to change, this team’s consistency will keep them in the hunt.   Wins and losses would  be sprinkled throughout.  But, without dipping below that 70 point barrier ever, those wins will certainly return. But, for a true playoff push, they will need someone to step it up.

Their QB combo of Drew Brees and Matt Ryan should prove helpful.  Brees hasnt been the superstar that he’s been in year’s past (yet).  But, Matt Ryan has lit it up many weeks.  The Irish just have to tune it in and begin starting the right QB each week.  Until then, the Irish reap rewards by having 2 top 10 RBs (Bernard and Forsett).  Demaryius Thomas (WR5) and Kelvin Benjamin (WR12) look to be putting up stellar seasons as well.  The sky is the limit here.




 The Pimps (2-4) 427.58 Points

There’s just something not right with The Pimps.  One thing is for sure though.  Other teams know how to light up the scoreboard when they play them.  Currently, The Pimps have the most points against (507.71).  This is a 84.6 point average, which amounts to 12.3 points higher than the league average (72.3).  OUCH!

Manning predictably is this team’s driving force.  He ‘s everything as expected and currently is the #2 player in the league (just behind Andrew Luck).  What is killing this team though, is their ground game.   The Pimps drafted just 3 RBs.  ..and Rashad Jennings has a boo boo, Alfred Morris is just mediocre, and Shane Vereen just wasnt getting the carries.  With Ridley being out for the year, this could change things dramatically.

Overcome: The Pimps need to overcome a few things.  Looking back at their RBs…they dont need to go insane to right this ship, but a bump in play would help.  WR will be the key.  Victor Cruz’s injury hurts.  He’s a weapon that The Pimps had high hopes on.  They have other notable WRs who can have their big games, though.  Brandon Marshall has to step it up and perform as a top 10 WR.  The addition of Desean Jackson could be big here as well.  He’s got the top 10 potential, but can he be consistent in this offense?  All of these points are moot, though, if teams keep posting their best weeks against The Pimps!




 IcEbAy bAsHeRs (2-4) 426.72 Points

The Bashers began the season like a Lion, and have closed out the first half like a lamb.  Week 1’s performance was impressive!  They beat down The Pimps with a score of 120.57-62.78 (a 57.79 point victory).  This went down as the 19th biggest blowout in our league’s history (for the regular season).  Since then, they went Loss, Loss, Win, Loss, Loss.

The Bashers drafted 2 WRs in the first two rounds and a total of 3 in the first six rounds, yet they don’t lay claim to a Top 15 WR statistically.  This hurts.  Injuries are the big reason here (Calvin, AJ Green).  Compound this with relying on the combo of Stafford/Calvin, and it’s very clear what has gone wrong this far.

The Bashers 120.57 points scored in Week 1 still ranks as the highest score posted this far into the season.  But, they also are the owners of the lowest points score in a week (Week 3, 30.72).  That mark may be temporary though, looking at way the Dawgs season is going.

Hope: The Bashers are in a tough spot with this 2-4 record.  However, this is something that can be overcome.  If they can win 4 or 5 out of these next 6 games, playoffs could be a possibility.     Calvin Johnson and AJ Green have to return soon.  The combo of Stafford to Calvin is game changing.   TY Hilton, fast becoming a star in this league, rounds out a steller WR core.  They just need to all get on the field.






 Midway Monsters (2-4) 388.58 Points

The Midway Monsters can’t be happy with what’s happened so far.  After drawing the #1 pick and having the pick of the litter, their selection of Lesean McCoy has led to 6 weeks of disbelief.  1TD.  McCoy has scored just 1 touchdown this far into the season and currently ranks as the 29th RB in the league.   The preseason promises of Doug Martin’s return to fantasy glory hasn’t arrived yet either.  This 3rd round draft pick trips over his own shoelaces with his depressing 2.9 ypc.  Add  the Monster’s 3rd RB drafted, Ray Rice, and nothing more needs to be said about these RB woes.

Fortunately the Midway Monsters do have some gems.  Philip Rivers is currently the steal of the draft.  Selected in the 11th round, he now ranks as the #2 QB in the league.  This is just 3.6 points per game less than Andrew Luck.  That’s value.  Ahmad Bradshaw has also been helping things.  He went undrafted, but is the clear Colt RB to own, and is the #6 ranked RB in the league.

What now?  Lesean McCoy is looking productive again.  But can he start finding that endzone?  He has to if the Monsters want to try to crawl back into things.  There is a supporting cast here.  Terrence Williams and Alshon Jeffery can be stars.  But is this enough to make a playoff push?  Things would really have to start clicking.  Otherwise, the Monsters only other hopes would be to finish #5 or #6 to avoid competing in the toilet bowl with the Top Dawgs.



 Bottom Dogs (0-6) 276.55 Points

What has become of our reigning champion?  Perhaps partying too much this off-season and suffering a championship hangover?  These are the darkest days ever for this storied franchise.  0-6?   Not counting the X-Factor team from 2002, the only worse starts are 2 teams who started 0-7.  Will that record be broken?


This season hasn’t just been bad, it’s been epically bad.  Let’s take a look at their points scored by players started:

  • Through 6 weeks, the Dawgs have scored a total of 46.1 points at the QB position.  That’s an average of 7.68 points per game.
  • The TE position is even worse.  The Dawgs have accrued  a TOTAL of just 7.85 points at TE.
  • Jumping early on a defense in the draft didnt work.  Starting Defenses for the Dawgs come in at a  league worst 5.2 points per game.

These numbers just don’t lead to wins.  But, surely someting will change.  If not, the Dawgs could own the record for least points scored in a season, which is currently owned by the 2001 Pocket Rockets (551.43 points).

Any hope?  Surely the Dawgs are out of playoff contention.  There could be a small hope for avoiding the bottom 4 and being Toilet Bowl Bound.  But those chances are slight.  The big and most likely question is if they are going to gain that shame of Toilet Bowl Chump.  There are studs on the team.  Jamal Charles, Dez Bryant, and Julio Jones create a good base.  They just need to regain their form and start a QB that can score double digits.