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Crunchtime’s Survivor Pool

Also known as an Eliminator or Knockout Pool, our Survivor Pool is the ultimate “Win or Go Home” challenge.  Each week, players just have to pick one NFL team to win their game. Once you choose a team, you cannot use them again this year. Guess correctly and move on.  Guess wrong and you are out for the year. We play double elimination, so you do have a second chance.  So, choose wisely and good luck!

Hosted On Yahoo

We are currently using yahoo as our host. All picks are entered there.

Official Rules

  • Each week, pick 1 NFL team who you think will win (no point spread involved and ties count as losses)
  • Once you pick a team, you may never use that same team again.
  • Pick deadlines are Sundays at 12:00 PM CST
  • This is double-elimination. So, after 2 misses, you are out.
  • We have a winner when there is only 1 player left or when the regular season ends (if multiple people are left).

Winning it all

  • Winner shall receive 80% of the prize pool
  • 2nd Place receives remaining 20% of the prize pool

*If at the end of the regular season there is more than one player left, the tie breaker will be the number of games lost within the survivor pool, (either 0 or 1). If multiple people have 0 losses, the entire pot will be split among them. If it ends with one player at 0 losses and multiple players with 1 loss, the player with 0 losses wins the 80% and the ones with 1 loss split the 20%.