2022 Draft Day Info

Hey everyone. Draft Day is next Sunday at 7:00pm. Here are a few things to know for the draft.

Entry Fee

Please make your $50 entry fee payment soon.  Send “as a friend” if you pay via Paypal (SHoftender@comcast.net) or Venmo(@Scott-Hoftender).  Cash and Checks are still good.  Mail or drop it off.  Jesters have paid.  SonsOfAnarchy only owe $20.

Drafting on ESPN

Change of plans. Drafting on the ESPN league page. ESPN added custom keeper rounds this year, so we no longer need to use clickydraft. KEEPERS DO NEED TO BE ANNOUNCED BY 5PM SUNDAY!

Zoom Meeting

On Draft Day, join the Zoom meeting if you are able to.  I’ll try to open it around 6:30pm. Here is the invite link:


We will select draft order and announce keepers here. If you are unable to join this, text me your keeper.


If you are keeping someone, we will announce that on Draft Day. Here is the keeper list.


The Regular season schedule has been reset. Check it out.

Bye Weeks Reminder

Playoffs start Week 14 again (SemiFinals Weeks 14-15 and Championship Game Week 16-17).  THERE WILL BE BYES DURING OUR PLAYOFFS.  So be aware as you put your team together!  If you don’t like having a bye that late, don’t draft someone on those teams.  However, you do get an extra week to use that player during the regular season to help get you to our postseason.  There’s pros and cons. 

Anything Else??

Post on the ESPN message board if you have anything to bring up.