Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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2014 Signups Are OPEN!


Welcome to the 2014 NFL Season.  All of our usual pools are returning and signups are open.  Take a look at our offerings.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.



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Pickem Pool
One time entry fee.  Enter your picks online and compete to see who is the Season Long Pickem Champ!!


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Survivor Pool

Survivor Pool
One time entry fee.  Each week, pick one team to win.  Once you use a team, you cannot use them again this year.  We use double elimination, so 2 losses and your out.  Winner is the person who survives the longest.


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33 Pool – POOL IS FULL
Another very popular pool.  Limited to the first 32 participants.   If your team scores exactly 33 points, then you win the Pot.  Each week, it raises, until someone winss



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 Fantasy Football – LEAGUE IS FULL
This marks the league’s 15 season.  Take a look at the league details for the basic ins-and-outs of this competitive trophy league.





2014 Fantasy Football Keeper List


Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is…the official Keeper List for our 2014 Fantasy Football Season.  There’s a few gems in there.  Draft Day is Sunday, August 31st.  See you there!!







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33 Hits in Week 17


In Week 17, with under 1:00 to go, the Packers hit the magic number.  This score pushed the Packers into the playoffs and gives Jose S the final payout of this year’s 33 Pool.

Pickem Co-Champs


Eric B and Heenen tie with 170.5 picks correct (66.9%) and will share the 2013 Pickem Title.  Congratulations and we will see you all next season!

Top Dawgs Win Championship!


Crown em!  The Top Dawgs take the 2013 CrunchTime Championship Game.

The Dawgs take out The Pimps with a final score of 184.63 -158.83.  This was a back and forth 2-week battle that featured fantasy football’s top 2 QBs, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.  Manning proved to be the driving force for The Pimps, while the Dawgs were let down by Brees’ 8 point output in Week 16.  But, this is where the Dawgs well rounded team shined.  LeSean McCoy and Eddie Lacy led the charge by chipping in 58 points over the 2 week span.  Consistent kicker and defensive output also helped the cause (Tucker 24, Dawson 11, Panthers 15, Rams 15).  On The Pimps side, Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller stumbled and fumbled their way through Week 16, which proved too costly.

This is the 3rd Championship for the Top Dawgs in the league’s 14-year history and is their 2nd in the last 3 years.  The competition better step up next year or a 3rd title in 4 years could become somewhat of a dynasty.


Championship Game – Pimps VS Dawgs


Party like it’s 2001 all over again!   Just like 2001, The Pimps and the Top Dawgs face off for the Fantasy Football Championship.

The Pimps will look a little different this time.  Instead of the vicious combo of Marshall Faulk and Priest Holmes, The Pimps thrive on the Denver Bronco offensive attack (Manning, Welker, Decker, Prater).  The Dawgs have their own firepower, namely Drew Brees, Shady McCoy, and Jimmy Graham.  This will be a fight to the end, as both teams are looking for their 3rd Championship.


Fantasy Playoffs Are Here!


Our Fantasy Football regular season has ended and it’s playoff time!   The semi-final round will run from weeks 13-14.  Good luck to those involved!!

(4) The Pimps VS  (1) Midway Monsters

(3) Irish Pride  VS  (2) Top Dawgs

Midway Monsters Clinch Regular Season Title


Congrats to The Midway Monsters as they have clinched their first ever Regular Season Title.

It looked like this task would be easy as they started the season at an impressive 6-0.  However, they promptly went 1-3 in their next four games and lost that top spot.  But they battled back in the final 2 weeks of the regular season by stomping the D ‘Railers and pulling off a come-from-behind victory in Week 12 to take back the lead and the Title.

They will now face The Pimps in the first round of the playoffs, who just happen to be the team who put the Monsters on their mid-season skid back in Week 7.

Ljhoffman wins our 2013 Surivor Pool


We entered week 12 with 5 players left in our Survivor Pool…and we’re walking out of it with one lone Survivor.

Congratulations to Ljhoffman for outlasting eveyone and taking the 2013 Survivor Title.  Their final pick of the Panthers beating the Falcons proved very wise.  The other 4 participants choices of the Lions beating the Bucs and the Cheifs topping the Chargers just didn’t pan out.  So, Crevie, Dave L, Jaclyn333, and ScottD will split second place.



33 Hits in Week 10


Week 10 delivers our fourth 33 of the season.  The Seattle Seahawks are the team to do it this time as they took down the Falcons 33-10.